Welding is a necessity in some industries. Accuracy and consistency with quality are key factors to producing a product, or providing a service that creates many return customers. It is hard to get this consistent quality when you factor in human error and daily job site distractions. Below are four reasons you should consider switching to an automated welding system for all of your repetitive welding projects.


Reduce Incidences of Human Error

Anyone can have a bad day, but what happens when an “off” day results in a reduction of the quality in welded products? These items will have to done again, or you will end up hearing complaints from customers about the low quality you provided. Automated welding systems are perfect for systematic jobs that many welders consider tedious and boring. It alleviates the problem and worry of an employee being focused and running the weld consistently every time.

Saved Welding Parameters

Guesswork with the human eye can be somewhat accurate, but an automated welding system can save the designated parameters of any desired weld, making it possible to duplicate perfectly at any time in the future. This feature alone will provide a smoother and more consistent end-product. You can change the distance, angle and even handle extended length welds. This gives you flexibility along with pin-point accuracy. All you have to do is change the parameters to another saved setting and move on to another part of your project.

Nearly Any Employee Can Operate the Equipment

Accurate, well-done welds take training and experience. One of the best features of an automated welding system is the ease of operation. Adjustments to the welding size and direction are simple and the operator does not need to be an experienced welder. This allows for added flexibility on the job site to train multiple employees in the use of the equipment. You will not be scrambling at the last minute trying to find a qualified person to operate the automated welder.

Consistent Performance for Repetitive Jobs

Repetitive welding tasks done right offer consistent top-notch results. This is hard to get using human welding personnel. Muscles get tired, focus gets off and there can be a whole host of distractions. An automated welding system will give you consistent high quality each and every day. Each weld provides a professional results. The investment in automated welding equipment pays off big with happy customers that will return again and again for the high quality products you offer.

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