Before you start planning your next marketing campaign, you need to conduct market research as it aids in understanding the people you are selling your products to. Some businesses spend a lot of money on market research, as they know that any campaign that they launch moving forward will only succeed if it’s compounding upon and making use of the data from previous campaigns.


It helps in communicating with your target audience

You need to know how to speak with your target audience. Every segment of society speaks a different language and your approach when talking to millennials is different when talking to older demographics. You will know that you are using the right method if you have done market research.


It identifies opportunities in the marketplace

In conducting market research, you will know if your business is viable. Will enough people buy what you offer? Are your products good enough for your target audience? Is there an existing business that you have to compete with? You will know the answers to these questions if you have done your research thoroughly.


Minimise risks

After gathering the results of the research, you will then know if it is safe for you to move forward with your plan. If the results reveal that you are making a risky move, you might want to change course slightly. Anything that you decide for your business bears some risk, but you can’t go ahead if you live in fear that you will fail – you need to learn to push past this.


Identify potential problems

When you plan your marketing campaign or develop products for your business, you only think of the positive side. Sometimes, it is also crucial for you to anticipate what could go wrong, since it will be easy for you to solve such problems once they arrive if you knew that they might come.


It lets you position yourself well in the market

After the research, you will know where you stand in the market. You can create plans depending on where you think you are at that time, and you can also monitor your progress with the help of market research.


You don’t need to stick with your gut feeling

Some people will tell you that running a business is all about following your gut feelings; you decide based on what you feel is right. However, it does not always have to be dependent on your intuition, as you can choose to decide based on facts and figures instead. When making decisions based on research results, you will feel more confident about the outcome because you are actively improving upon what happened previously.

You need to find people in your team to conduct market research. Even before you start to launch, you need to have the research results and when you begin operating, you need to continue doing research. Things change all the time, including the behaviour of your target audience and you need to know how to approach them based on the interpretation of market research.


For instance, if your market research tells you that you need offline marketing to reach the people you want to buy your products, you need to do it. You could use a pop up stand for conferences and trade shows or you could put up banners and posters. The numbers don’t lie, and it’s a big risk to go the other way.




This is a guest contribution by Remi Ashton.