Passengers in passing cars and trucks that view an outstretched truck mounted attenuator might have no idea what they are unless a vehicle veers over and makes an impact. A TMA not only helps protect your work crew and equipment but provides unexpected benefits to the other vehicle involved in the accident.

What is a TMA?

A truck-mounted attenuator is a device attached to a shadow vehicle, preferably a decently large truck, placed in an area that protects a working crew from the hazards of oncoming traffic. It also has the ability to protect and preserve the lives of those in a vehicle striking into the TMA.

How does a TMA work?

A TMA is raised and lowered from the back of the shadow vehicle by a hydraulic system. It makes it possible to drive the shadow vehicle to any location at normal highway speeds. Once the device is lowered into position and a vehicle hits into the attenuator, a large part of the impact is absorbed and released.

Will the impact of an accident damage the shadow vehicle?

Depending on the angle of impact, a limited amount of damage can happen to the rear of the shadow vehicle. The cost of repairs is much less than dealing with a direct impact crash that hits unprotected vehicles and crew.

How the TMA Reduces the Chances of Accident Fatalities

Placing a trustworthy vehicle with a TMA device as a barrier between traffic and your crew is one way that this equipment can save lives. Another life-saving feature is the ability to absorb impact energy to lessen the effects on the people in the oncoming vehicle. It does not guarantee a complete lack of injuries, but the chances of complete survivability are higher using a TMA.

How to Find Attenuator Trucks For Sale

TMA trucks are a specialized item and can prove difficult to find in some locations. Your best chances of finding one for sale is at safety equipment outlets like Street Smart Rental. All are kept in top condition and ready to use at a moments notice.

The safety of your crew, equipment, and the lives of motorists passing by are important and every safeguard possible to implement saves these important assets.