The right attitude in the workplace can make all the difference in the world. Administrators who are helpful and enthusiastic help the attitude of each worker. Mentors and strong leaders are an underrated resource on the job, and their positive influence can change the work environment from hostile and toxic to friendly and inviting.


Excited vs Burned Out

There are two kinds of workers in the world: excited and burned out. The first kind is an excited or passionate worker. This person is like entrepreneur Keith Krach; they wake up every morning with a can-do attitude, eager to tackle the day and face all its challenges. The excited worker wants to go to work and be the best they can possibly be, and is ready to confront any new obstacle that comes their way.

The second kind of worker is one who is burned out. These workers dread waking up in the morning and drag themselves to work every day. The burned out worker has lost all motivation to do well in their job and is no longer excited about what they do for a living. They have no joy in their daily tasks and only come to work every day because of the paycheck.

What kind of worker are you? If you are a burned out, then you need to take steps to reignite your pilot light.


Leadership and Mentoring

There are many avenues to go from burned out to excited, but the strongest way to do this? Look to your coworkers. Who is a cog in the company’s machine that helps you feel better about your workday and finds value in it? Look to this person and follow their lead. What is it about them that makes them so engaging? Some characteristics might include:

  • Enthusiasm for daily tasks.
  • Positivity and an encouraging attitude.
  • Eagerness to help and teach others.

Note that this person does not necessarily have to be in a leadership position to serve as a mentor. Anyone whose positivity can shine through toxicity can fill this role. While looking to someone as a mentor does not have to be a “formal” thing, it might help to ask ahead of time if this person is willing to take you under their wing.


Still Unhappy?

If no such person exists in your workplace, then it’s time to take action. Take a moment to reevaluate your place at the company. Is this someplace you want to be in the next decade? Two decades? If the answer is yes, use the resources that you have available.

  • Utilize your employee assistance program. These programs often include 1 to 3 life coaching and career counseling sessions free of charge, so take advantage. If you can’t find a mentor at work, then find one elsewhere.
  • Speak to your leaders at work. This can be frightening, but ultimately you are doing this to better yourself and the company. Schedule a formal sit-down meeting with a list of items you would like to address. Remember to keep yourself in check; try not to come off as accusatory or defensive.

For all the time you spend there, happiness is an important factor at work. Finding someone who can act as a mentor and positive influence can change your attitude and rekindle your passion for the job.