Even in the digital age where everyone is constantly connected via the internet, letters serve an important purpose. You need to send physical letters for legal documents, anything requiring a signature, and more. Many companies also prefer to send actual letters for important things such as invoices, bills, and announcements, particularly if your demographic is older or not as connected online. When it comes time to send snail mail the traditional way, there are some very important benefits of opting for the USPS certified letter service instead of simply placing a stamp on the envelope and sending it without certification. This is a great guide for your consideration.


Proof You Sent It

In the case of some documents, it can be incredibly helpful to have proof on hand that you mailed the item in question. With certified mail from USPS, there will be a time and date stamp that proves you sent the letter and when you sent it.

This can prevent customers from claiming you never notified them about a change in policy. Or prove that you sent out a certain payment or notification by the agreed-upon date. In the case of legal documents, this latter may be very important. There are many situations when you may find yourself wanting proof that you mailed a letter, most of which you will not think of until they arrive.


Tracking And Proof Of Delivery

In addition to giving you proof that you sent an item, the certified letter service provides proof that the letter was delivered. This is automatic since USPS requires a signature in order to deliver it. Going back to changes in policies or bills, this can be your way of showing that you informed clients in a timely manner.

Not only will you have proof of delivery, but you will also get tracking information with certified letter service. This lets you know how far away from its destination a letter is. In the case of clients waiting on important documents, you can give them a timeline of when to expect it.


Your Records

Because of the tracking information and proof of mailing and delivery, USPS certified letter service provides plenty of information that is useful in your records. The benefits associated with the proof of delivery and mailing mentioned above may apply at any point in the future, but with certified letter service, you can have this information whenever you want.

In fact, the USPS retains their records of all certified mail for a full two years. This is more than the four months of records associated with tracking numbers bought through other services. The records can also include a return receipt, which will show you the signature of the recipient as well as the time and date of delivery. This is an important supplement to your records, complementing the proof of delivery.


Gets There Sooner

Compared to the standard method of sending a letter, certified mail also tends to get to its destination more quickly. The difference may be less than a day, but when time is of the essence, the knowledge that your letter has priority is important. Technically, certified mail has the same delivery window as priority or first-class mail, but it is more likely to arrive early on in the delivery window than those other mailing methods.

Of course, thanks to the tracking numbers, you will have an accurate estimate of when the letter will arrive.


Protection Against Theft And Loss

One of the biggest reasons that companies choose to use the USPS certified letter service is for the additional protection against loss and theft. While it is rare that the USPS loses a letter or something gets stolen, it does happen. With the large quantities of mail sent daily, you only have to unlucky to have your letter lost or stolen.

Certified mail helps alleviate this concern since your package is being tracked throughout the process. The label of the letter indicates it is certified and lets everyone it comes into contact with know that it is being tracked. This can lead to extra caution. In terms of theft, there is no risk of certified mail being stolen from a mailbox since it requires a signature; it cannot be left for thieves to grab.


Delivery To All Addresses

It is also important to note that using certified mail will give you the ability to send letters to any type of address. By contrast, many private delivery services as well as courier services do not offer delivery to P.O. boxes. This can be highly problematic since it is common for businesses to use P.O. boxes instead of a physical address.

Because certified mail is handled by the USPS, however, they have no problems delivering to a P.O. box. The recipient will simply find a notification in their P.O. box that they have a certified letter. They then bring the notification to the front desk, which is simple since P.O. boxes are already on site. From there, the recipient just signs for the letter as normal.


Convenience Via Printing Labels On Site

To round out all of the other benefits of using USPS certified letter service, it is also possible to print your labels via an online form. This allows for a high level of accuracy since you can confirm all the information you enter before printing the label. Additionally, it gets the information in the system right away, instead of upon collection. As a bonus, there is no need to send a team member to the post office, wasting time that could be spent on more productive tasks.


When it comes down to it, choosing to use the certified letter service from USPS can give you confidence that a letter will arrive at its destination, protection against potential theft or loss, the ability to track the letter, copies of the relevant information for your records, and convenience from being able to print labels and view tracking. You can even save money in the long-run with certified letters via the elimination of the threat of theft and the fact that you have proof of delivery.