Strip curtains are universally used in a wide range of industrial settings, including food storage and preparation areas, warehouses, loading docks, hospitals and cold stores. Basically, any environment where temperature, cleanliness and safety are essential requirements.

They are commonly used in internal and external doorways, subject to frequent high volumes of traffic, either pedestrian or machinery. People, forklifts, and trolleys can pass through strip curtains without difficulty, and the strips fall back into place to maintain the barrier. They provide an excellent method of segregating areas and keeping them separate, useful in warehouses that are often large, open spaces and help mark out separate work areas and stop dust spreading.

They can be cut and fitted to the exact dimensions needed. The simplicity of installation and removal for cleaning, maintenance or seasonal storage is part of what makes strip curtains so popular. Strip Curtains Direct explain some of the benefits of using such products.


1. Barrier against noise and pollution

Pest control is an ongoing and essential need in areas where food is prepared and stored and in hospitals. Flying insects, dust and debris, and birds can be a regular nuisance, but where strip curtains are installed, these hazards can be effectively controlled and reduced.

Noxious or otherwise unwanted fumes and odours are also kept out. They provide acoustic insulation to form an effective barrier against noise pollution and offer a clear line of vision for people passing through them, adding an extra dimension of safety in high traffic areas. By reducing the incidence of excessive noise, you can protect the wellbeing of staff and visitors.

Welding curtains or screens, which are fire retardant, protect from UV rays and welding splatter or flash and are an essential piece of safety equipment in heavy industry where welders can potentially sustain eye damage caused by welding. Noise reduction is an additional by-product of heavy-duty welding screens.


2. Excellent ambient temperature control for energy savings

Environmental control and energy saving make up a significant proportion of the overriding concerns for all industries. Strip curtains are usually made from flexible but strong PVC which has the benefit of forming a very effective and efficient barrier against heat loss. Heavy duty polar grades, suitable for cold storage areas, refrigerated vehicles and chiller rooms, are a cost-effective way of keeping heat out and cold air in. Thus, spoilage and frost build-up is much reduced.

Flame retardant strip curtains for data centres to control air conditioning temperatures and welding grade curtains for heavy industrial areas help to maintain the correct required temperature and contribute towards significant reduction in energy costs by cutting down your power bills.


3. Protect against harmful bacteria

In hospitals, laboratories, food processing and some manufacturing areas, bacteria is the main enemy, which can wreck storage and manufacturing processes and hinder the drive for sterilisation and cleanliness. Any physical barrier which inhibits pollution and bacteria infiltration is probably better than none. Still, you should look at installing strip curtains with antimicrobial properties for the ultimate protection against bacterial growth and the potential spread of infection.

These encapsulate the main benefits of strip curtains and give you an idea of how they can help keep your environment clean in an easy to maintain, cost-effective way. Strip curtains are often the cheapest type of industrial barrier as they need only regular cleaning, and they are easy to install, requiring no expensive contractor input.

Strip curtains can last for many years with correct maintenance but make sure you get advice from a reputable supply company on which type is best for your requirements.