Finding a reliable NSW compensation lawyer can be very hard. No matter how much experience the firm has, it’s the number of wins that matter. People are a bit hesitant in hiring a compensation lawyer whose past experience is a little murky with losses.

Companies such as believe that the way to guarantee a positive outcome is when the team works tirelessly towards one goal. Today, it has become quite important to keep in touch with a compensation lawyer for personal and professional purposes. Their expertise in liability, medical negligence, superannuation, etc, can help us fight for justice and our rights.

Following are three stories of people who hired NSW compensation lawyers and got themselves a happy and successful outcome:


Success Story #1

Janet was shopping at a local store when two employees, who were stocking the high shelves with boxes of food containers accidently dropped a box on her head. Along with a serious head injury, she sustained a few body injuries, of which the former rendered her unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital and was kept under observation for three days.

After getting out of the hospital, she sought an NSW compensation lawyer and hired him to fight her case. The District Court judge ruled the case in her favour when the CCTV footage was shown of how irresponsible the employees were being. She was awarded $200,000, along with a bonus $20,000 for medical expenses.


Success Story #2

Mark was driving his car to work, when he was hit head on by another car that was coming from the wrong way. While the other driver came out of the car uninjured, Mark went into a coma for three days. The doctors then told him that he had suffered a brain injury that would require round the clock care and a prescription for life.

With him being the bread maker of the house, his wife had no choice but to hire an NSW compensation lawyer for motor accident compensation. Since, there were no CCTV cameras on that road; the case was fought with the help of several witnesses. After months of court visits, the District Court judge gave the verdict. Mark was awarded $300,000, along with a second amount that would be given to him after his MRI report got submitted.


Success Story #3

Sophia’s 80 year old mother was admitted to the hospital when she complained of chest pain. After radiography, the cardiologist told the family that it was not that big of a problem and the pain was nothing but a case of indigestion. The next morning, when her mother complained again, another doctor was called and a full cardiac checkup was done. The report revealed that she had suffered a tear in the left ventricle due to which, she was slowly bleeding from inside.

After it was established that the tear occurred due to a late diagnosis, Sophia filed a medical negligence case against the hospital with the help of an NSW compensation lawyer.

Due to her age, the level of care that was now needed because of the misdiagnosis and the need of a permanent in-house nurse, Sophia was awarded $400,000!