Metal packaging in the form of beer cans has become increasingly popular with more craft brewers, and in the United States alone, our neighbours across the pond already have more than 2,800 craft breweries that have switched to canning their beer instead of bottling it.

Beer in a can is already a common sight in almost all shops and supermarkets, but if you are a craft beer brewer and you are planning to expand as well as save money in your production and shipping costs, switching to canning your beer is your best option.

But how can you effectively and efficiently switch from bottling to canning your beer? Here’s your best guide. 


Know its value  

First of all, you should know the value of switching your product from bottles to cans. Metal packaging can make your beer product a lot more portable, and it can make your product more durable as well. With this enhanced portability and durability, your product can keep up with the active lifestyles of your consumers without them having to be concerned about breakage or spillage. Also, beer cans are a hundred per cent sustainable, which makes them even more popular with consumers who are concerned about sustainability. And since your beer is inside a metal container which is completely sealed by a beer canning machine, you can rest assured that it will retain its freshness and flavour, and it will be less likely to be contaminated or affected by light or oxygen.  


Take the proper steps 

When transitioning from beer bottling to beer canning, you have to take the proper steps. This means thinking carefully about the different changes you have to make in your existing process and packaging and production line. You will need new equipment, of course, but the equipment you obtain for beer canning will definitely give you a significant return on your investment. Here’s one tip: when you are looking for a beer can seamer, look for one which is upgradeable so you can easily and quickly upgrade when you expand according to consumer demand. 


Understand the differences

As you transition to beer canning, think carefully about the graphics as well. Craft brews, in particular, are heavily associated with an image, and you can impart this image with the proper use of graphics. The good news is that with beer cans, you can achieve a higher level of imagery and artwork on your metal cans that is superior to that of labels that are merely printed and stuck on bottles. But since your beer can will have a larger surface area, you will have to reformat your design, too. 


Choose a good packaging partner and supplier

Lastly, you should establish a good partnership with your supplier or packaging partner. They should be with you every step of the way throughout the entire process of transitioning and look for a partner who can offer you the best recommendations on how to achieve the most satisfactory results. Your partner should also understand that this is an ongoing partnership and not a one-time deal, so look for the proper technical support and services so you can effectively communicate with them whenever necessary. 


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