For many people, wearing glasses everyday can be a burden – they fog up when the temperature changes, they can slip when you’re running or playing sport, and some people just prefer how they look without them. But if you’re used to wearing spectacles, it can be a bit of a transition to switch to lenses, particularly if you’ve worn glasses for a long time. In this guide, we’ll take you through all there is to know about switching from glasses to contact lenses and why you should make the swap.  


Why Choose Contact Lenses? 

Contact lenses are incredibly convenient, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. They offer more flexibility and allow you to move more freely than you can with glasses. Lenses give you a full field of focused vision and they don’t distort or reflect light like glasses can. There are various types of lenses to choose from to fit different lifestyles which can be found at Pure Optical. If you’re ready to make the switch to lenses, here are some things you need to remember to help you transition seamlessly from glasses to contacts.  


Get Your Prescription Checked

It’s not a straight swap from glasses to lenses where your prescription is concerned, so if you want to start using lenses, you will need to get your eyes checked first to determine what your prescription is.  


Remember to Keep Things Clean 

More often than not, you might go days before noticing that your glasses need to be cleaned of smudges and dust. But with lenses, it’s far more important than you keep everything clean in order to prevent eye infections. Whenever you take out, or put in, your lenses, you need to ensure your hands are thoroughly clean and dry. You also need to maintain hygienic practices with the lenses themselves, by only using fresh solutions and keeping storage containers clean.  


Keep Right and Left Separate  

Be careful not to mix up your right and left lenses – often, our eyes have different prescriptions for each eye, so you’ll find that your vision will be blurred if you put in the wrong lens. Your lens packaging will be marked ‘R’ and ‘L’, so to avoid any mix-ups, open one side of the case at one time. It might also help to have a routine of always putting in your right lens first, or vice versa, to help you remember. 


Don’t Rush  

You’ll no doubt be excited to wear your new contact lenses and enjoy the many benefits that come with switching from glasses. But make sure you take it slowly and get used to the practice of putting your lenses in and taking them out, so as not to irritate your eyes. There can be a bit of an adjustment period to get used to how it feels wearing your lenses, particularly for people who spend a long time looking at computer screens, as this can dry out your eyes. But after a day or two of wearing them, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.