Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and if you haven’t started buying gifts yet then that generally means one of two things. Either you’ve procrastinated the past two months or you have no idea what to buy anyone. If you fall into that latter category, don’t feel bad – it happens to the best of us. Even if you’re close to somebody, you can often reach a point where getting a gift for them is a struggle. People seem to have everything or need nothing at all.

Before having a holiday season panic attack, however, take a look into Texture instead. This unique magazine subscription service might just be the perfect thing to get that hard-to-buy-for person.

Now you might wonder, does anybody actually read magazines anymore? Isn’t print media going by the way of the dinosaurs these days? While that may be a valid point, the interest in magazines is still very much alive – it’s just that delivery needs to be switched up a little bit. And that’s exactly what Texture brings to the table.

Texture gives you access to a smorgasbord of magazine titles all in one convenient application that can be used on your computer, smartphone or tablet. With everyone carrying around devices these days, the idea of dragging bulky hardcopies around as well became less appealing. So Texture just puts all that on your device of choice, so that you can read the same content in a more portable package.

This isn’t just like surfing to a magazine’s webpage and reading articles from there, either. Texture’s layout gives you the exact replica of the magazine on your screen and the ability to flip through it digitally as if it were a hard copy in front of you. This way, there’s no need to bother with ads or pop-ups – it’s the authentic, pleasant experience of flipping through your favourite magazine.

The choice of magazine titles available is something to marvel at too. All the top publications are here from Time magazine to Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated to National Geographic, InStyle to GQ, and beyond! Seriously, any magazine that you can think of covering any range of topics is likely to be here. I don’t even know how Texture managed to corral them all into one place.

You’re not just limited to current issues, either. With Texture, you have access to countless back issues of all of these magazines. The app’s interface is also extremely user-friendly, allowing you to bookmark articles and set favourites, as well as the ability to download certain issues so you can access them without Wi-Fi.

It’s enough to get anybody reading magazines again and is the perfect gift for anybody. Because whatever they might be interested in, they’re sure to find a magazine about it through Texture.

Source: Texture