In partnership with qualified suppliers, Technomark produces high-performance dot-peen and scribing marking machines while offering industrial traceability, integrated, simple and effective global solutions which perfectly fit into any production processes. With 18 years of international expertise, Technomark has become a leader in the permanent direct part marking industry. It continues to develop good relations with its clienteles by giving a listening ear and offering excellent services beyond their expectations. We have partnered with over 160 companies across 47 countries to deliver our products anywhere within the shortest time possible. Also, all our suppliers are certified according to our technical marking company procedures to assure an adequate and high level of service. Our wide-ranging products include dot-peen marking equipment, laser marking solution, the Multi4 Scribing system among others.

To adequately meet all your traceability needs, Technomark offers diverse dot-peen marking equipment. These marking solutions are designed with innovative features that are specially made to fit into automated processes. The 4 in 1 innovative model Multi4 can be installed in four unique configurations which include hand-held, integrated, bench or combo. While the Multi4 Mini model has a 360-degree use due to its four different prehensions, and its hundred-per cent user-friendly. The dot-peen marking equipment from Technomark enable the marking of heavy, bulky and hard pieces as well as small and light ones. Any marking position allows a high-quality and precise marking. The M4 Inline is also a dot-peen marking solution equipped with advanced functionalities developed explicitly for integration in production processes. The M4 inline has a molded aluminum frame and comes fitted with a sixteen- bus card for better productivity and efficiency.

The Fly Marker Mini marking equipment features a high-precision electronic and mechanical system making an all-in-one ultra-compact equipment. This machine enables the marking of any pieces with a hardness of less than 63 HRC. For a better marking diversity, Technomark has developed the Intelligent Driving Impact (IDI) function which is equipped on all machines. The IDI technology automatically adjusts the level difference between the stylus and the piece. To invest in the right dot-peen marking equipment visit:
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