Qualified customers  

While you operate in a business, shop or even doing freelancing, the customers you choose can make a big difference not only to the bottom line, the quality of the deal but also to your wellbeing. But it’s not always as easy or as apparent as it may seem. 

If you were in the game long enough, you definitely had less than desirable encounters all the way to a complete horror display. Yeah, how does this inform you? How can we ensure a good and durable relationship? This is often dictated before you even start with strong customer skills. 


Limiting the deal  

The first thing we would definitely like to know is the kinds of contracts you embrace. Increasingly. A general practitioner will not only help your own activities but will also help to find potential customers that will best suit your particular talent. 

Consider multiple types of projects;  

Keyword goal and policy assessments (standard and forensic) Current activities Local national/international marketing planning & growth Connection Building As a freelancer you should consider working on fewer areas because it helps to make potential clients more comfortable with your skills.  


Link Building  

And even as an organization, it can also be prudent to optimize deals, unless you have personnel specialists. This will help the sales team work with opportunities who suit the products in which you are better. 

The next thing to consider is how / where you get the instructions. This will impact specifically the kinds of leads you get and the consistency of the leads overall. 

PPC campaigns on-site Contact Speaking (conferences, meetings, etc.) Visibility (social, write, etc.) SEO (unpaid searches) Cold calling Many people to say things like, “You’re an SEO, why isn’t your ranking for SEO tools or services?”  

The concern here is that sometimes these are some of the lowest quality leads, which can take a lot of selling time. This can easily lead to higher selling costs and lower conversion rates due to the time involved. 

Regardless of the strategy (or mixture of it), we prefer to begin the process by trying to identify the situation’s needs. I am never a follower of cookie-cutter SEO strategies and as such the future solution should be focused upon a variety of factors, which may include: AI Will Find Opportunities and Shorten the Marketing Cycles Spend Tools (in-house) Existing data points (primary and secondary) Converting points (primary and secondary) The more you learn the condition in advance, the stronger the selling call. 


The pre-closing partnership  

We also want to try to understand the consumer and contact points during the sales process. A lot of your success depends on how well you and the client appreciate one another. Just how well you’re moving along. It goes without saying that a hostile or even violent friendship will not be suitable for any of you. 

Any criteria may include; business model (how well do you understand this) market knowledge (how well do you understand it) SEO awareness (how well does the consumer recognize it) resistance to change? 



Another common problem that can be very difficult to determine during the sales process is micromanagers. I can’t count the number of occasions I wound up in situations where the company recruits you and then ends up trying to tell you how to do your work. Once again, these are challenging to pick out, but you can better classify them. 

You want to learn and manage expectations as well. It is not unusual that you sell a project just to find out that the customer didn’t understand fully what they got and what they expected. Make sure that is addressed well and eventually outlined in the contract. 


The Desperation Factor  

The need for money is another common element that can lead to bad circumstances. Agencies and freelancers alike can do this. Often we can get into less than ideal situations because we need to bring in more cash. The freelancers know this well, but even the firm may put too much burden on salesmen that can trigger corners to be cut. 

And this one could be one of the toughest to avoid. Try to remember always that this strain can often end badly. Don’t cut the operation corners. 

Good, so you have the contract locked. Okay. So we’re just getting the job, right? Nope. Nope. One of the most important elements to move this relationship forward is the starting and launching of projects. Attempt to get as much information as possible about the idea. Make sure also that all players (from the client’s side) participate to ensure that everyone is on board and ready to take action. 

At the end of the day, you will probably still find yourself in some less than ideal situations. It’s going to happen as much as we try. And it may not even be recoverable often. Do not be afraid to fire a customer. It’s more than probably the best decision for you and them. We were all there. 

This is certainly one business area of SEO that can be as difficult as it is essential. As with many things, our expertise is essential. Today we have only looked at some of the highest levels that may affect the operation. It’s a point of departure…