Giving back comes in a variety of forms from volunteering to raising funds. For those on the fence about giving back, the research states there are many benefits to you. Here’s why you need to start helping out in your community more.


New Perspective

Working with charities like Eyal Gutentag provides you with a new perspective. Moving out of your social norm into someone else’s lets you see where they come from, why they think the way they do and what’s important to them. For those with more than average, this new perspective can drastically change their own outlook and give them a new purpose.


Better Health

Giving back gives you a sense of purpose creating a positive outlook in your life. Positivity helps make you a healthier person. Purpose gives you a reason to eat healthier, be more active and better manage your stress. Plus, those with chronic stress can benefit from helping others taking the focus away from themselves and their problems which naturally lowers stress.


Self-Esteem Boost

Nothing boosts someone’s self-esteem more than helping others. Doing something good lifts them up and your own inner sense of self. Feeling good brings more confidence and a more positive outlook that boost self-esteem. Doing good plain feels good.


Unlock Skills

Volunteering allows you to tap into skills you may not even know you possessed. Even those that don’t think they have anything to offer may find that they have just the thing that is needed most. Helping hands are always needed even if it is simply to hold open a door and bring a smile to someone’s face.


Network Widening

Having trouble moving out of your current social circle? Volunteering lets you meet and work with people from all walks of life on a similar mission. Perhaps that executive hanging sheetrock next to you may offer you a new job. Or perhaps you can offer a job to a recent college grad not sure they have anything to offer. Widen your network by giving back.