Content creators have a difficult time getting paid for their content. People don’t realize that there is actually a lot of time and effort put into each video or content that is being created. 


Who are they and what they do?

They have come up with a website where you can upload your videos and get paid each time someone wants to watch your videosIf monetization is what you are looking for then that is exactly what they will help you to achieve.  

If you have knowledge and if you are looking for ways to earn by selling that knowledge, then is the place for you. You can upload the videos you have created on any particular skill and demand to be paid a certain amount of money. Visitors and viewers can pay you to learn your knowledge and you earn the money from this. 


Make some money with us

Several ways can be used to make money off your videos through other video channels. But the problem with all that is that you will have to spend in a lot of time and effort to reach the basic metrics before you can start earning anything. Also, you will have to continually put in an effort and spend time in between your content creation, making sure that your videos are SEO approved and so on. All these will hinder your creation speed. 

With, everything is as easy as uploading your videos and forgetting about it. You get paid at regular cycles depending upon the number of people paying to watch your videos and so on. 


Why do you need them?

Another problem with all this is that you have to keep cross connecting each video of yours to your blog or website individually to attract a lot of traffic. This again gets tedious and causes confusions. With this, your audience grows because you have them subscribed to your website and so on. But the people interested in watching your videos aren’t nearly as many. Though you may have a huge following, usually less than 5 percent of that group tends to open your emails and actually click on the link to your video. Though your follower counts are better, you make less money. Unless the values earned are much better as a content creator, you will tend to lose interest after a while. 


Advantages of using this website

With this website, you can forget about all these tensions. All this will be managed and handled by our team of experts who do this for a living. Hence you can expect a professional quality and high SEO approach to your videos because they will help you at each level of the video creation. In today’s world, SEO can either make you succeed or eventually kill your efforts, reliant on paid advertising. Unless you make a constant effort to get it up to the mark, or constantly spend money on ads, you will lose valuable content. We at Skills Co. are here to help you with just that. We guarantee you the best chance of success, as you keep your promise of making more and more videos, teaching skills.