It doesn’t take a financial wizard to know there are vast numbers of investment opportunities available to potential investors. Unfortunately, not all of them are good investment opportunities. On the bright side, as more opportunities open, more good ones will appear. 

What follows are five signs of a winning investment opportunity. If an investment can pass muster with these points, the chances are pretty good you have found one that’s worthwhile. Virtually any investment opportunity could fit into one or more of these categories, including qualified opportunity zone funds near me, but the more they fit, the better the investment. 


Long-Term Viability

Simply stated, can you see yourself being involved with a company for the next ten years or more? If not, that’s a good indicator it probably wouldn’t be a good investment to get involved in. Investing is a game that is best done for the long haul, not getting in and out overnight. Investments such as qualified opportunity zone funds have proven to be good moneymakers, so it pays to stick with them for a while as they grow and appreciate. 


Market Caps

No investment should ever be made in and of itself. The best comparison a potential investor can make is to compare a potential investment to a similarly priced opportunity. This will help the potential investor determine if a stock will be worth what they plan to pay for them. For example, if a company has a lower profit level than another in the same product and size class but it’s stock is priced higher, it is probably not a good investment. 


Good Business Stats

Investing in a company with good vision and branding is terrific, but if there are no good profits, management, or price, avoid investing in it. Buying into companies of this kind is like throwing money away. Returns are why an investment is made, so if an investor can’t see themselves getting behind a business wholeheartedly, it is probably best to avoid such an investment until that business can show some significant returns. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to go with your gut on an investment, and when you don’t feel 100 percent about a business, there’s probably a good reason why. 


Stock Buy-Backs

Companies repurchase their stock for many reasons, but primary among these is that they are trying to increase the wealth of their shareholders, both current and longstanding. This is a prime indicator of a good investment opportunity. Larger shares of the pie mean a larger share in the profits without having to invest more. 


Easy to Understand Business Model

A lot of questionable businesses operate with a model that is full of mumbo-jumbo. By contrast, a company that has a clear business model is probably one that is well-run. This is also an indicator of a business that is perhaps stable and has a good growth curve behind it. A company with a simple business model behind shouldn’t require a lot of learning to understand it. The chances are good that a business of this sort will have a bright future with lots of growth in store. 

Many things need to be considered before investing, but when all these conditions are met, the chances are that an investment is a good one.