Managing a team of employees is a big responsibility. It’s up to you to guide and motivate them when things are going well and when they’re going badly. If you can’t do this, then it will be bad for you, them and the business as a whole.

There are many things you can do to spur them on and get the very best performances from them. Threats and punishments are not the best ways to spur people on. Instead, try these ideas.


Lead By Example

As the boss, you have to be one who is leading by example in the workplace. If you are not showing people the right thing to do, then you can’t expect them to do what you say. So, think about how you present yourself to the workforce, and make any relevant changes.

You want to be taken seriously and respected. But you also want to be able to build relationships with people. That way, the atmosphere will be more relaxed and laid back for everyone.



Show Opportunities for Promotion

No one wants to get the impression that they are stuck in a dead-end job. So, you should give people the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges. Those challenges can take many different forms. And the biggest opportunity you should offer is a promotion.

By promoting people, rather than hiring externally, you will show people that they can grow within the business. It’s the best way to hold onto the best employees.


Reward Strong Performances

If you want to really spur people on, you should reward people when they put in strong performances. There are many ways to do this. You could set targets and then offer rewards to people who hit them or exceed them.

Or you could give out an employee of the month award. You can buy custom plaques or trophies to give to the winner. People like to know that their good work is being recognized, so make that happen.


Create the Right Working Environment

The environment in which your employees work also matters. If people are working in a dark, cramped office space, it won’t be good for them. Getting the best out of every employee means being able to give them the space and facilities they need to carry out the job.

So, if your current office is not up to scratch, it might be time to look at alternatives. Or you could upgrade the tech in the office. Even letting in more light or playing music can have a big impact.


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Be Transparent on Key Issues

Transparency can help to bring together a workforce as well. You should ensure that you keep everyone in the loop when you are managing the team. People want to know about key issues that might affect their jobs.

And they also want their questions answered, and their concerns listened to by management. These are things you simply can’t ignore if you want to have a happy and productive workforce pulling in the right direction.