101 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start Today

To do: start a business

Over 100 ideas, listed by category, to start your own business, even with little money.

Do you want an idea to start your own business?

Are you tired of working as an employee and do you want to work on your own?

Do you want to study which are the best reference markets and identify the most suitable activity for you?

We have selected and analyzed the most profitable activities to build the best lucrative small businesses in the current context and market trend.

Here is our special collection of ideas that will help and support you with advice and description to start your own activity.

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Personal services are an extremely varied sector, within which you can find practically everything.

Depending on your vocation and your flair, you can choose between the activities listed below.


Open a Private Kindergarten

For some people, doing this type of work, that is, taking care of children, is a real passion and they are particularly inclined to approach the little ones, having the necessary patience to understand and satisfy all their needs.

A job and a business for those with a decidedly particular vocation. A profession that can give a lot not only in economic terms but also in terms of personal satisfaction.


Open A Marriage Agency

Reaching one’s partner at the altar remains the (forbidden) dream of crowds of romantics of all ages. Why not help them crown it?

But finding a partner, especially for something as important as a marriage, is not easy. This is why marriage agencies continue to work, especially when accompanied by important structures.


Open A Summer Camp Organization Business

Why embark on the adventure of starting a summer camp organization business? Because if you love children and young people, it could turn out to be a really exciting business idea.

Let me be clear: we are talking about a demanding and expensive project, which requires a lot of care and dedication; but if things go the right way, the return (not just economic) will be very interesting.


Open A Cartridge And Toner Regeneration Business

For those who have in mind to carry out an activity that is not excessively expensive and of safe yield, here is the idea for them: to open a business of simple regeneration of cartridges, ribbons, and toner for all types of printers.

The idea is not new, but it has already been tested overseas and has paid off.


Open A Condominium Administration Office

Living in a condominium is not always easy: the dog of the lady below who barks at all hours of the day and night, the elevator systematically left open by the condominium on the top floor and the constant outbursts of the newlyweds who occupy the apartment next to ours can make our life difficult.

With a little common sense and a massive dose of education, everything can be solved by itself; but if things continue to degenerate, it is better to ask for help from a professional such as the building administrator, who does not just mediate between people more or less likely to quarrel, but takes on many and onerous responsibilities.


Start a Private Investigation Agency

Opening a detective agency is certainly a complex undertaking, but one that can guarantee excellent satisfaction and above all high earnings.

As fascinating as it may seem to wear a raincoat, a hat, and big dark glasses, the activity of the private detective is not just made up of stalking. The services that a detective agency must guarantee today are countless and demanding.


Open a Cleaning Business

Opening a cleaning company is not difficult and not that expensive either. Furthermore, a cleaning business can be very profitable if you can organize the work well.

Nowadays, there are very strict laws regarding the maintenance of the state of hygiene in both public and private places, such as schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, and shops of various kinds, but also offices, buildings, condominiums, etc. It’s important to search your local government for instructions to open such a kind of business.


Open an Insurance Agency

Yes, the insurances sell products that are outside the RCA. For many, however, and especially since banks have started to take care of most financial products sold by insurance companies, an insurance agency is the place to ensure their means.

With the right preparation, you can set up activities that can still have their say, even today where the internet dominates the sector.


Open A Service Business For The Elderly

The “gray target”, as it is defined in America, is a rapidly expanding sector in many countries where the number of elderly people far exceeds that of “young talent”. That’s why it can be a great business to open a service business for the elderly! But what does this worrying difference in height between the elderly and the young population depend on?

From a series of factors: the average life span of people has lengthened, hand in hand with the growing well-being connected to the improvement of general conditions and the continuous achievements achieved by science, technology, and medicine. It follows that there is a real population of elderly people who represent an interesting slice of the market to which those with a sufficient spirit of initiative should look with particular attention. The idea of ​​starting a service business for the elderly could, in fact, prove to be successful and extremely profitable.


Open A Representative Office

Representative offices deal with various aspects of communication and the life of a company.

They can deal commercially and represent the third-party company under contract. The agent evaluates the feasibility of each project that is brought to his attention, and then plans and manages the commercial promotion, through the creation of working groups led by a manager for every single project.


Become a Wedding Planner

Over the years, the job market has continued to evolve, following both current trends and people’s needs.

The wedding planner, who will take care of organizing and helping you prepare the best wedding you can expect, is a popular and profitable business.


Open a Call Center

It will seem a self-evident question, but even those who approach this business with the eyes of an entrepreneur are not always clear about the possibilities that a call center can offer.

We often associate the call center with telemarketing operations, or with sales and closing of contracts, with what in technical jargon is called a cold call.

However, these are not the only business possibilities offered by a call center. Here are some other ones:

  • Corporate help desk
  • Virtual secretary office
  • Toll-free number management



Follow one of the hottest trends in recent years, and go back to activities related to nature.

From gardening to opening a plant nursery, or even cultivating aromatic plants. If you want to go green, these business ideas are for you!


Open a Gardening Business

A gardening business requires passion. Anyone who wants to open a business of this kind must not only have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and follow a specific business plan but also be a cross between lovers of flowers and plants and an expert in nurseries and related techniques.

Opening a plant nursery can be a dream for many nature lovers and a challenge that can be demanding and rewarding.

The knowledge of plants represents an essential starting point: therefore, to start with an advantage from a competitive point of view it is preferable to have a diploma from an agricultural institute.


Open A Cultivation Of Aromatic Plants

The use of aromatic plants ranges from the production of many liqueurs to the preparation of perfumes, ointments and creams, from invigorating herbal teas to the classic use in the kitchen to flavor dishes.

These are plants containing substances with a pleasant smell and are rich in essential oils. Among the most common we can mention mint, rosemary, tea, and juniper, but also eucalyptus (tree species) or the much sought-after saffron. It is enough to think locally to understand that these vegetables have an innumerable amount of uses and, therefore, it could be interesting to start a cultivation of aromatic plants.


Start a Hemp Farm

Hemp is a precious resource, capable of improving the quality of the land in which it is planted.

Its cultivation is generally undemanding, but watch out for water and the current regulations in your area.


Start A Hydroponic Cultivation

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but to grow plants of all kinds, you don’t necessarily need the land. Those who plan to focus on hydroponic cultivation choose, in fact, to bet on a soilless technique, which involves the use of water and the use of specific equipment.

The advantages are not few, but as in all things, it is necessary to analyze the picture carefully and evaluate every single aspect. If you are thinking of starting a hydroponic cultivation, stop for a moment and find out what steps are to be taken and the costs to be budgeted.


Open a Berry Farm

Grow blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, currants, blackberries, gooseberries… in short: berries.

Berries are many and different, yet (by convention) it is customary to group them into one large category. Their use in the kitchen is becoming more and more massive, especially (but not only) among the pastry chefs who use them to decorate cakes and delicacies of various kinds.


Open a Trout Farm

Getting back to nature is a bit of the happy motivation of our generation, a generation that has understood that even outside the city centers you can sustainably do business and also guarantee services that are in great demand on the market.

Trout farming requires an average investment and can allow you to start a business with an excellent rate of profitability.


Open a Rabbit Farm

Raising rabbits? This a great opportunity, especially for those who want to work in the countryside and start from a farm that is not too demanding in terms of initial costs and management difficulties.

It can also be combined with other types of activities (crops, other farms) and form the basis for the development of your small country’s empire.


Open a Bee Farm

The return of the “trades of the past” has mainly two reasons: the countryside has returned to be economically exploitable and the lifestyle in contact with nature, albeit for economic purposes, has returned to pull.

Bee breeding is one of the coolest activities of the moment. You need an uncommon attitude and talent, but whoever has it can achieve very important results.


Open a Snail Farm

Opening a snail farm (heliciculture) is not a very common activity. Despite this, it is a rapidly growing sector.

Indeed, land snails are in great demand as they are considered not only a gastronomic delicacy but also a food with important nutritional characteristics.


Grow Mushrooms To Create a Profitable Business

Opening mushroom cultivation, that is a mushroom farm, can turn out to be an activity destined to guarantee substantial earnings, especially if it is combined with a distribution that, in addition to greengrocers and retail shops, also includes large supermarkets and restaurants, and perhaps a direct sales to the final consumer, at zero km.

Cultivating mushrooms means not only having great skills in the field but also having followed a precise bureaucratic process. Check-in your area the legal obligations to be followed and the quality of the soil to be used.


Open Pellet Production for Stoves

Opening a pellet production business for stoves can certainly be a winning idea.

In fact, also due to the constant increase in the cost of natural gas and hydrocarbons, some alternative systems for space heating are also spreading in many countries in the world. Among the most effective are the so-called pellet stoves.


Cutting, Collecting And Selling Firewood

The job of the lumberjack? It refers to the fairy tales heard as children: those in which the princesses on the run got lost among the thickest shrubs, encountering rough-looking woodcutters.

A literary cliché destined to fade to give way to reality where there is a growing tendency to consider of cutting, collecting and selling firewood (and not only) a profitable and interesting business.


Open an Educational Farm/City Farm

There is a subtle but important difference between the educational farm and the city farm, given that the latter is a structure (usually supported by non-profit organizations and associations) created ad hoc in the outskirts of cities, while the first one is a pre-existing reality adapted and enhanced in its social and educational scope.

In any case, both didactic farms and city farms represent interesting and instructive places, able to fascinate not only the students who visit them but also the adults who accompany them. Not to mention the many passionate tourists (of all ages), who return home with a special memory of the day spent in the outdoors.


Open a Mini Dairy

Starting a mini dairy is one of the hottest trends in recent years, as well as returning to activities related to nature.

Thanks to the economic and employment crisis, there are several people who have decided to start their own business that reconnects to the ancient professions of the farmer or breeder. If we add the increasing attention that consumers devote to natural and zero-kilometer products, it is easy to understand how starting a business of this type, with sheep and sheep breeding attached, can be considered an interesting idea, on which the worth betting.


Become a Direct Grower

Returning to the countryside and moving away from the city to create a business is a winning idea, especially today when attention is being paid to quality food and sustainable production processes.

The costs of entering the sector are not very high and you can also enjoy some funding from your local government.


Food Industry

We continue our analysis of the best ideas for opening a business by examining the food industry, a sector that knows no crisis and that finds its place of choice in each country.

Below you will find many ideas to start getting serious in the food sector, one of those that can give you great satisfaction on the entrepreneurial level.


Open a Pastry Shop

The pastry is a sweet tooth’s paradise. Desserts of all kinds, pastries for Sunday, cakes and special preparations for special occasions. The product offer must be varied and you must have non-trivial skills. Those who know how to do it can, however, become an institution at a local and national level.

The old pastry shops are all or almost all closing down: have you ever wondered why? Today the most are to specialize and have strong raw materials and products that can meet the constantly evolving tastes of our public.


Open a Burger Shop

Burgers, after being considered the devil’s dung or almost every year, have carved out a respectable niche in the food industry.

However, it is not worth opening a hamburger joint that is not able to mark the difference. Choose fresh products, choose eye-catching sandwiches, and offer a place where people also enjoy spending their free time.


Open a Restaurant

Restaurants are always a popular idea to start a business, but they are no longer those dusty, sometimes a bit dirty places to eat a casual meal.

Today, a restaurant is a garrison of taste in the area. It must offer local wines and foods, traditional recipes, and more generally a relatively cheap and still tasty menu.

The watchword of a good restaurant is authenticity. Important skills are also needed here, but satisfaction, especially now that they are back in fashion, can be really important.


Open a Bar

Open a bar? Today? Of course, even if even in this sector the paradigms have changed considerably. If you expect to open an old bar, with crumpled products in the window and no particularities, you will undoubtedly be doomed to fail.

If, on the other hand, you decide to commit yourself and offer your customers a good coffee, good food, maybe even a complete quick meal, you have taken the right path towards economic and professional success. Opening a business like a bar is still possible, and it is also possible to make it work.


Open a Shop for Celiacs

Celiac disease is a problem on which, finally and with a guilty delay, the attention of the restaurant world is focused.

A shop for celiacs can take different forms: it can be a simple resale of products, or it can include a kitchen or a laboratory and also offer ready-made meals.

Whatever the type of place, celiac disease is a theme that continues to draw a lot, indeed a lot. There is the possibility of having a good number of customers even in small towns.


Open a Fast Food

Fast Food is not necessarily junk food, and even if it does, it doesn’t necessarily have to be of interest to you. Also in this sector, there are many possibilities, with popular large franchises: with the most famous names that are also those that require the highest entry sums.

The quality will not be, culinarily speaking, excellent, but you can still take home a well-known business, with production processes designed to the millimeter and the thousandth.


Open a Self Pizza Vending Machine

Yes, in the world homeland of pizza, it may seem strange, but if placed in the right place, a self-pizza vending machine can become an important business.

One that offers food at bargain prices and above all without wasting time.


Open a Vegan Restaurant

New food trends, whether driven by health concerns or moral issues, can be intercepted and transformed into a business. And if you have made the same lifestyle choice, a vegan restaurant can combine business with pleasure.

There are many opportunities in the sector, which are not short-term but destined to last over time. The vegan trend isn’t something we’ll soon forget!


Open a Vegetarian Restaurant

Always on the same line, you can think of making a slightly less extreme business and culinary choice and opening a vegetarian restaurant.

Also for this specific case, the opportunities are more than interesting and you can grind profits, as long as you open and manage the restaurant in the right way.


Open an Artisan Pasta Factory

The artisan pasta factory is one of the trademarks of our country. You can start small by selling only egg pasta and then think about expanding even with the packaging.

The investment to start is not very high and knowing how to do it there are excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs with flair.


Open a Yogurt Shop

Contrary to what one might think, a yogurt shop has the opportunity to work throughout the year, especially if we have to integrate a bar into our business.

In any case, both without and with franchising, this is one of the opportunities to consider for those looking for a business with a low entry cost and potentially very good earnings.


Open an Ice Cream Shop

The same reasoning that we did for the yogurt shop applies broadly. You can work all year round, especially if you combine it with a bar.

However, ice cream has become an extremely serious thing in the world and it will be necessary to open a quality ice cream parlor to think of establishing itself on the market.


Open a Take-Away Rotisserie

Yes, they are very reminiscent of the 80s, but they are making a big comeback. We must certainly change the menu compared to the old takeaways and try to intercept the new food trends.

A takeaway rotisserie, especially if located in the right neighborhood, can become a great business opportunity.


Open a Coffee/Roasting Shop

The world of coffee has also changed a lot compared to a few years ago. There is much more attention to the product than a few years ago and the types of products have also multiplied.

Selling coffee and capsules, provided they are of quality and have a competitive price, can be an excellent choice for our next business.


Open a Kiosk Bar

The kiosk bar allows you to serve areas where it would not be possible or not convenient to open a classic bar.

The kiosk has relatively low costs and, if well managed, can be an excellent business opportunity, especially in particularly busy areas of a city.


Open a Sandwich Shop

No, not those terrible sandwich shops that only work at night and don’t offer quality food. The sandwich today can also be a lunch, provided of course to offer quality food and follow the trends to a minimum.

To have a working sandwich shop, location is key. Center and office areas are perhaps areas outside of which you cannot work.


Open a Traditional Brewery

Beer has been rediscovered in many countries around the world, especially with the arrival of many excellent artisanal products.

A traditional German-style brewery, which accompanies a good beer with a few single and simple dishes, can be an excellent business idea.


Open a Microbrewery

Always in the wake of what we have said before, we can also think that we are the ones who get involved to start producing beer.

Microbreweries are indeed a trend, but also the possibility of arriving on the market with an absolutely unique product that can really change the cards on the table.


Open a Mini Market

Mini markets are activities that, if well managed, can generate very important profits. With the new municipal regulations, the opening hours have been extended and it is also possible to think of keeping open activities that work 24 hours a day, billing the bulk during the closing hours of activities such as supermarkets and grocery stores.

A great opportunity for those who know how to do it.


Open a Bakery

Bread, is one of the flagships of food and gastronomic culture.

It can be transformed into a profitable commercial activity, as long as it intercepts a demand that has changed radically in recent years.


Open a Catering

Is meal preparation what you would like to do to make ends meet? There are not only restaurants and taverns but also catering services.

We are facing a great opportunity, especially in large cities. It is less simple than it seems, but it can give great satisfaction.


Open an Agritourism

It is not a standard restaurant activity, but it presupposes the possibility of also producing the raw material.

The returns are variable, you need to work a lot, but the satisfactions are very high.


Travel and Leisure

And now let’s review another sector in which it could be very relaxing and, why not, fun to work: the one dedicated to those who want to buy products and services for their free time and holidays!


Open a Wedding Favor Shop

Favors and confetti, invitations, and wedding objects. The sector is expanding rapidly and with careful management of the offer, you can make good money go around.


Open a Hostel

Hostels are low-cost accommodations, typically designed for younger tourists. In big cities and in those with a good tourist flow, they could be just fine.


Open a Game Room

The arcades of the past have definitely retired. Today we have to offer much more, taking into account the fact that there are many who have all kinds of electronic and console entertainment at home.

However, there are also opportunities in this sector, especially for those with a good entrepreneurial spirit.


Open a Bicycle Shop

A bike shop? With the (finally) renewed attention to low-polluting vehicles and physical activity, it can perform well, even in small towns.

Combining it with a repair center can also give the turning point to a really important economic activity.


Open a Library

Are bookstores in crisis? It is true, but it is equally true that opening a niche one, especially if in a big city, can give you some satisfaction.

Waging war on Amazon is impossible, serving a select audience, it’s not.


Open a Perfumery


They are the new temple of beauty: with a good choice of products and some strong brands behind it, you can work well.


Open a Nightclub

Night clubs? Yes, thanks.

Despite the crisis, people continue to spend mind-boggling amounts on this type of activity, activities that have reformed decisively in recent years.

The secret? Pick one that offers a kind of fun that you like too.


Open a Tennis Club

Tennis clubs enjoy a special taxation system, as they are amateur sports associations. They may also have important accommodation facilities within them, such as restaurants and bars.

The investment is not a small one, but the returns can be very high.


Open a Sports Betting Center

Sports betting centers have also sprung up in smaller towns like mushrooms, even if often in the hands of those who, unfortunately, cannot manage them well.

It is not easy, but if managed wisely, a betting house can perform well.


Open a Swimming Pool

Here too the investment is not a small one, even if we have a sports facility in front of us that, if indoors, can work well both in winter and in summer.

Even if the competition is often public (and therefore at prices out of the market), the swimming pool can be a decent business activity.


Open a Skating Rink

Skating rinks, whether it’s ice or classic parquet rinks, can be a good business idea.

Remember, however, that to grind profits you will most likely have to associate other types of structures, such as restaurants and bars.


Open a Pet Shop

A pet shop? Why not?

On the one hand, you can deal with the sale of animals and on the other hand accessories and feed. Potential returns are very high.


Open a Private Kennel

Private kennels can be a good opportunity if you have specific skills. Opportunities you can also combine with the next business idea that I am going to present to you.


Open a Dog Training Center

Training centers for dogs? They are a very interesting economic activity, which can succeed in establishing itself even in very peripheral locations.

The attention for our animal friends has grown a lot in recent times and even those who do not have a show or particular breed dogs often choose to enlist the help of a specialist trainer. Why not turn a vocation into a profession?


Open a Car Rental

Car rentals can be of two types: you can rely on some famous franchise brand, or carve out your own niche within the market.

In both cases, you can make some decent profits in this sector, as long as you obviously have entrepreneurial skills.


Open a Toy Library

Playgrounds are back, despite the fact that video games are now a reality present in almost every home.

Yes, you got it right: board games and role-playing games are played more and more, with playrooms representing the place of choice for creating game groups.

Everything can obviously be transformed into an economically thriving reality.


Open a Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts are the basic units of accommodation facilities in many countries. Relatively low cost, possibility to convert an apartment or a country house, reduced tax obligations.

It is the perfect recipe for those who want to invest in a strong sector of tourism, with very little capital available.


Open a Fishing Shop

The fishing shops offer fishing rods, special equipment for the activity, and also live and fake bait on the market.

These are activities that have slowly become specializing, resisting the advent of large retailers. You can work well, as long as you are an expert in the sector and have a certain passion!


Open a Fablab

The fab labs are new centers that are born to allow customers and patrons to develop their creativity.

They are closely linked to the new digital realities, even if with their feet firmly in creativity in the real world.


Open a Dog Boarding House

Are you in love with dogs? Would you like to take care of it as a profession? Dog boarding houses are a reality that has managed to establish itself even in the smallest centers.

It is, passes me the comparison, like opening a normal pension, but having the dogs of your customers as guests.


Open a Hairdressing Salon

Personal care is one of the few sectors that does not feel the crisis. If you have a background in this sense, you could think of opening a hairdressing salon, or if you feel the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur in the sector, you can always think of managing one, hiring specific staff.

In any case, the hairdressing salon is a business that, if managed well, can offer a lot both in economic terms and in personal terms.



The world of clothing is another one that does not seem to feel a crisis, despite having profoundly renewed itself in recent years.

Below you will find some ideas if you have thought about investing not only your money but also your skills and your time in this type of business.


Open a Wedding Dress Shop

Yes, wedding dresses. A dress that almost everyone, sooner or later in life, will find themselves buying.

Prices and margins are very high, but to work at your best you will still have to set up a first-class atelier, with a large warehouse.

We are faced with an important opportunity, which requires specific skills and which, if managed in the right way, can really yield a lot.


Open a Women’s Clothing Store

Women’s clothing thrives on much more intense rhythms than men’s, although average prices are still relatively lower.

You can choose either to join a franchise or to open on your own, managing suppliers and collections.

It’s not easy, especially in a world that is increasingly dominated by big brands at low cost. With the right expertise, however, you can gain a very important space.


Open an Intimate Clothing Store

Underwear is offered by both large chains and independent stores that decide to offer assortments of different brands.

It is a very popular sector, where the returns are quite attractive, although perhaps one of those that follow fashion more closely.

This means that there is the possibility of earning well, even if it is necessary to update frequently and keep a line that is always in step with the fashion of the moment.


Open a Men’s Clothing Store

Men’s clothing follows the logic that is not very different today from those that animate the women’s clothing market.

Fast fashion has also reached this sector, which means that men have also started buying garments more frequently.

A rapidly changing sector where, however, with a good nose, you can do gold deals.


Open a Children’s Clothing Store

Children’s clothing has now, at least for a couple of decades, been a completely separate sector. However, what makes it similar to the “adult” sectors is the frenzy of collections and fashion.

Even for children’s clothing today there are very important fairs and shops that have nothing to envy to the best boutiques in the city. You can choose a franchise, or open on your own.

In any case, you can certainly find your space in this market, as long as you put passion and competence into it.


Open a Sportswear Shop

Sports and technical clothing are a real necessity for those who carry out professional or semi-professional sports activities.

When we talk about a sports shop, therefore, we are not referring only to sneakers and sweatshirts, but also to specific equipment.

An activity for sportsmen, possibly managed by sportsmen. If you have the right cards to do it, it can pay off.


Open a Technical Clothing Store

Technical clothing can relate to certain recreational or work activities: accident prevention shoes, fireproof clothing, and special protections for certain activities.

Every city, even the smallest one, should have one. By establishing some good contracts with some companies in the area, you can really fly this type of business.


Open a Tailor’s Shop

The tailors were gone, but they are finally returning. A certain amount of attention has been recovered for the repair of clothes and for the cutting and design of clothes from scratch.

A tailor’s shop, which deals with repairs or design and packaging, is a good idea to open a business.

You need an out-of-the-ordinary skill, but it can combine useful (even in an economic sense) with pleasure.


Open a Laundry

Dry cleaners are a constant in every center, from the smallest to the largest. There are many types of clothing that need to be washed by specialists, using specific products.

The margins are interesting, even if it is necessary to organize a good number of customers.


Open a Laundromat

Laundromats thrive in two types of contexts: university cities and large metropolises, or wherever there is a slice of the population that does not have a washing machine at home.

They can perform well, even if they require an initial investment. Consider if you want a business that can run even without employees.


Open a Clothing Outlet

Outlets are a real dream for those who want to take home clothing with very high discounts. The outlets do not work with the classic distribution, but with the one, that deals in unsold stock.

It is a sort of gray area, where, however, if we know how to move, we can bring home really important results. Keep in mind that important volumes are needed for this type of activity.



Electronics no longer exist in many countries at the production level, but this does not mean that you cannot set up an important business at the distribution level.

Let’s see together which are the most profitable and interesting activities in the sector.


Open a Cell Phone Shop

Mobile phones and smartphones are an object that no one can afford to give up. In addition, the life of a device hardly exceeds 3 years and even the most economical are therefore having to change devices from time to time.

Selling mobile phones can be a good business, especially if you are affiliated with a major operator.


Open a Computer Shop

Computer shops today have transformed into shops that can meet different needs, ranging from office stationery to actual devices.

You can join a big brand, or manage things on your own. But the assortment is important, so consider your initial investment well.


Open a Cell Repair Center

Are you good at repairing cell phones? Are you willing to take specific courses in brands to obtain certificates and skills?

You might think about opening a cell phone and electronics repair business in general. They perform well, especially if you can build a good customer base.


Open a Cover Shop

Covers are cheap when bought in bulk and can be sold at a relatively high price.

It is a particular job, which, however, can be managed with inexperienced staff and which, if positioned in strategic areas of the city, can guarantee you important revenues.


Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector offers jobs to many, despite the crisis that has hit the sector in recent years. The opportunities are there, you just need to know how to seize them.


Become a Landlord

The landlords allow those who do not want or cannot spend much to still have room to sleep.

They represent a form of hospitality that if we want is even more minimal than the B&B. The initial investment is relatively small.

For those who feel the vocation of low-cost hospitality, this is the best solution.


Open a Real Estate Agency

Opening a real estate agent can be an excellent idea, to get on a train that is slowly leaving.

The earnings in commissions are there and for those who have a strong propensity for the type of work in question, you can take home not bad fees.


Aesthetics and Wellness

Here is another very profitable sector.


Open a Manicure

You have already seen them in the most well-stocked shopping centers, and they are slowly freeing themselves from beauty salons.

Hand care has also reached very important levels of sophistication in our country. The business is there, you just need to know how to move!


Open a Beauty Center

Beauty centers have become places to take care of the body at all levels. Slimming treatments, even permanent hair removal, and aesthetic tattoos.

There is practically everything and with a good affiliation (even separately by sector, we can bring home something very important in terms of economic satisfaction).


Open a Personal Care Products Store

There are now all kinds of them and they have separated from the classic perfumeries.

The level of specialization of these shops has reached very high levels: natural and non-organic products, for people with particular afflictions.

If taking care of the person is the world for you, this is one of the best opportunities you have.


Open a Natural Soap Shop

Natural soaps are a must for those who really want to take care of their health and hygiene. You can become a manufacturer with little money, or choose what kind of materials to resell.

The possibilities are many, and economically satisfying too.


Open a Bulk Soap Shop

We are talking about detergents for washing clothes and the home, for which customers will pay less while bringing home a product of the highest quality.

An ecological and economic choice, which can find its natural place in both large and small cities.


Open a Natural Products Shop

Natural products for personal care, from soaps to conditioners, passing through nourishing creams.

It is a sector dominated far and wide by some franchised brands: choose the one that’s right for you and open your business!


Open a Cosmetics Shop

Cosmetics are part of a sector that is pulling a lot even in times of crisis, and which today is a fundamental step for both men and women.

The markups on sales are very important and you can therefore manage a business where, if the volumes are important, the earnings will be very high: there are many franchises to join in order to start a successful shop.


Open an Herbalist’s Shop

Herbalists are concerned both with providing complementary nutrition and offering personal care products on the market.

The peculiarity lies in choosing only products that have a herbal and natural base


Car and Motorcycle

The world of cars and motorbikes moves mind-boggling amounts of money, both for sale and for rental and assistance.

Below you will find what according to my research are the most interesting sector activities.


Open a Car Wash

Car washes have excellent margins, taking into account the fact that the staff is generally unskilled and that for a complete cleaning, we can ask for really interesting sums.

Although automatic car washes are gaining momentum, the cleaning offered by real people is today a service that is even superior.


Open a Used Car Salon

Car dealers? Unsuitable people according to clichés, and this is because they always or almost always manage to get good deals.

If you have a salesman spirit, this industry can be enormously profitable. Think about it!


Open a Car Dealership

The dealerships are, if you like, a more institutional version of the business we have just talked about. Even in this case, however, you can get good deals.

If cars are your daily bread, start by informing yourself about which brands could grant you area exclusivity.


Open an Auto Electrician

The electrician takes care of the non-mechanical, but the electronic part of the car.

In many realities, they have been almost completely absorbed by the mechanics, although they still continue to perform a very, very different task. If this is what you know how to do, or if you think you have management skills in this sense, it can be an excellent activity.


Open a Mechanical Workshop

The investment is important, but the workshops are the real backbone of the sector.

With skilled staff and a lot of dedication to work, you can set up a respectable business, one of those that can make us earn really well.


Open a Motorcycle Shop

Of course, there are not only cars to sell but also motorbikes. A dealership of the right brand can create a profitable and important business.

Also in this case obviously non-trivial skills are needed, but if motorcycles are your daily bread, why not give it a try?


Open a Motorcycle Accessories Shop

Helmets, harnesses, bulkheads, and original and non-original spare parts. Motorcycle accessories are a world apart, around which very important businesses can be created.

It takes passion, dedication, and a fair amount of capital to leave. But the results can be very, very important.


Open a Go-kart Track

Broom! Broom! With a small piece of land, you can put down a track, buy some go-karts and start a rental business.

Furthermore, we can also rent the track to those who want to ride their own go-kart.


Internet and Innovative Business

And here we are in another very lively sector, namely the one characterized by technology.

What opportunity does this world offer? Read on to find out.


Open a Software House

Can you program? Would you be able to manage a team of programmers? You can set up your own small independent software house.

The sector of apps for smartphones is very popular, but not only. With a little foresight and vision, it is possible to create activities that, even if modest in size, can offer something very important to the market.


Open a Design Studio

There are design studios that support the real activities of software houses. They are primarily concerned with managing the initial software design.

One or more software engineers work there, figures who are the only ones who can have an overview of the issue.


Internet Publishing Business: Blogs and Websites

Can you write? Do you have a passion? Do you think you can manage, even if in a small way, an editorial project?

Yes, with websites and blogs, you can still create wealth and put some money in your pocket.


Open a Web Agency

Web agencies offer not only the creation of websites but every kind of service concerning company communication on the web, even if necessary by resorting to external professionals.

Management is not trivial, and having a web agency that really works is not easy. With the right skills and the right commitment, however, we can set up a pretty good business.


Open a Copywriting Agency

Can you write? Is communication your forte?

You can take care of the “textual” part of websites, advertising, and corporate communication and open a copywriting agency, alone or in collaboration with other professionals. The minimum expense to leave, good proceeds if you know how to do it.


Open an Innovative Start-up

It is not a fashion, but a very valid way to do business in certain sectors.


Open a Graphics Studio

Open a graphics studio? No big investments are needed: a computer is enough, a software that today you can also buy in monthly concession and a lot of skill. Don’t trust anyone who says they are graphic and unemployed.

You can definitely earn well in the sector, especially if we manage to fit in between web and advertising agencies.


Open an Advertising Agency

Management of advertising spaces, relations with publishing houses and newspapers, relations with customers, advertising on public space, branding and naming.

Advertising agencies no longer deal only with mere advertising campaigns, but are the fundamental hub around which corporate communication develops.

You will need several professionals, but once you have geared up, the economic and professional satisfaction will not be long in coming.


Open a Media Marketing Business

In recent years, corporate communication has moved almost completely online. The social media marketing specialist has become a figure in great demand by the company, especially when he can achieve concrete results.

If this is the sector you are interested in, study and start your own business: opportunities, especially in this period, are flooding.


Open an IT Consulting and Assistance Agency

Are you an expert on a particular software? Can you manage the IT needs of a company even as an external consultant?

You can work perfectly well without particular organizations, providing companies and individuals with assistance only when they need it.

You need specific skills, then get some good publicity. The results can also be important in this case.