Top Tips for Setting Up Your New Office

Moving into a new office is a big task for a small business, so you have to approach it carefully and plan ahead.


Don’t Exceed Your Needs

You should focus on what you need when you’re creating an office. Forget the grand ideas and ambitions that you might have, sticking to what you need is best. In the current work climate, sneeze screens from Simply Plastics will help protect your employees.

It can save you a lot of money if you keep things small. Big offices are expensive and hard to manage if you don’t have the money to do it.

With all the capabilities that technology affords us, you don’t need to have your entire workforce in the office either.

It can be a good idea to let some of your employees work from home so that you can keep your office as small and confined as possible.


Think About Practicality First and Foremost

Yes, I’m sure you want to make the office look great when you move into it. And the way it looks can be important when you’re trying to create a welcoming and vibrant workplace.

But your attention should be focused on how the office operates functionally first and foremost. You can worry about appearances later on.

Once you’ve found the office that works functional for your business, you’ll have to think about how you are going to organize the layout.

Think about the way your staff work and create a floor plan that suits it. Then install all your storage facilities. You can visit to find lockers and metal storage units for the office.


Don’t Waste Time

In business, time is money, and you don’t have money to burn!

When making the transition between an old office and a new one, you want to minimize the time you spend in limbo between the two.

Ideally, you should move on a weekend so that you don’t lose any of the working weeks to the moving process.

If your employees can leave the old office on a Friday evening and then come back to the new office on a Monday morning, you won’t miss out on any work time.

That means you won’t miss out on any productivity and profit either. So, don’t mess around and waste time, get the move done swiftly.


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Choose Your Location Carefully

The location of your office is vital. If you need to be in a location that relies on passing trade or you need to be accessible to clients and meetings, a city center location is probably best for you.

You’ll be easy to find and you’ll be right in the center of the action. The only downside of this is that it’s not a cheap option. It’s expensive to rent premises in the city.


Renting or buying an office outside the city is the better option for a lot of businesses.

If you don’t need to be easy to find and you don’t’ care about passing trade, it makes sense to go for the cheaper option of locating elsewhere.

There are plenty of great industrial sites that offer office spaces at half the price you’d pay in the center of a big city.