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Wearables : a Market of 111 Million Units in 2018

The world market for wearable devices – commonly referred to as “wearables” –  is warming up the engines,  going from the first hour users arriving to the wider public. Market analyst firm IDC ...
First 31 Big Brands 2013

Best Global Brands 2013 : Apple at Top, Nokia the Worst

Operating from several decades as a consultant for the management, positioning and evaluating the brands, Interbrand is a reality that has the ability to have a single view of the main brands in the world, ...
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Twitter Stock Flies on Market Debut: $ 45 per share at the opening of the title

The initial estimates of the price per Twitter share, after the presentation of the IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP
Morgan as the main underwriters, ...

Startup & Digital PR: 5 Simple Tips for Effective Communication

Every brand has a story. Even a startup has its content of novelty and innovation. Telling that story to your audience can become a strategic asset of growth and success for your brand. The new frontiers ...
Busines Macro

Content Marketing is Good for Your Business

During the last years, content marketing has become the way to go in order to increase your business audience. The idea is to communicate with your users and inspire trust and confidence, by focusing not ...
mobile apps

Mobile Apps: 102 Billion Downloads and 26 Billion in Revenue for 2013

The in-app purchases constitute for 17% of turnover and grow up to 48% in 2017 . But more than 90 % of apps downloaded are free. The mobile application stores register for the current year 102 billion ...
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Are You Using Google Plus for Your Business? +1!

More than two years ago, Google introduced his social network. Google+ was born with the idea of ​​offering a multitude of services and, in addition to this, its creators did not like too much the ...

Instagram: 150 Million Users and Looking at Advertising

Instagram has been acquired by Facebook and now has over 150 million users, but one of the next targets could be to integrate different tools.   Instagram Hits 150 Million Users From the official ...
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