6 Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Grow Your Business

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face today is determining how to effectively market their business. There are so many marketing techniques to be used that deciding which methods are right for your brand isn’t an easy task. When you add to that a small budget and limited resources that most small businesses are dealing with, effective marketing becomes even more challenging.

In order for your business to succeed however, developing a good marketing strategy is crucial. Fortunately, modern conveniences have made marketing a lot more affordable. Take a look at some of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies used to grow small businesses.


Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is basically marketing tactics that have been used for years by businesses. While some forms of traditional marketing like commercials and radio advertisements may be a bit costly, there are other options:

·  Business Cards – One of the most basic forms of marketing you can use to grow your small business are business cards. While some might assume business cards are obsolete in a digital world, they are actually very valuable. Well-designed business cards provide a professional first impression. Business cards are small “billboards” that are convenient to spread around. They are great for networking and getting the word out about your brand.

·  Tents & Canopies – When attending networking events, trade shows, and corporate events, standing out requires a lot of creativity. Products like an inflatable dome, for instance, would help a small business stand out at trade shows that are often saturated with other company promotions. With careful planning and design choices a bold, colorful tent with your company logo on it will certainly draw the attention of passersby.

·  Print Materials – Flyers, post cards, and brochures are all examples of print materials that can be used to market your small business. There are a few reasons to use print marketing. It provides unlimited exposure unlike commercial ads that are scheduled during a certain time and it is not intrusive like a pop-up ad or a radio advertisement that interrupts a song.

·  Acrylic Stands – These stands get products or marketing literature right in the line of sight of potential customers, setting them apart from items on traditional store shelves.


Digital Marketing

As a small business today, you must learn to effectively combine both traditional and digital marketing tactics to gain as much exposure as possible. Digital marketing is any form of advertising or promotion done over the internet or with a mobile device. Here are some important and affordable digital marketing strategies to try:

·  SEO – Search engine optimization, or SEO is the process of gaining authentic online traffic through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At the core of any digital marketing strategy, SEO must be used to get your company to the top of search engine results. When quality content is drafted using relevant keywords and terms, and strategically placed on various digital platforms, search engine bots essentially put you at the top of the list.

·  Content Marketing – On the internet, content is king. Consumers are constantly reading and researching information online. Your company’s ability to draft compelling content will help to develop your brand and credibility. Efficient content marketing strategies also help to increase website traffic which in turn increases your ability to boost sales.

·  Social Media Marketing – One of the most popular and affordable methods of marketing in the digital world is social media marketing. Social media has evolved from a platform for catching up with friends and family to a social environment for businesses to connect with their target audience. As creating social media pages is free, small business owners can take advantage of the opportunity to introduce themselves to the world. Relevant and engaging posts, photos, and engaging conversations ultimately help to increase your followers.