4 Trade Show Display Ideas for Small Business

In almost every field, there is a company that dominates the market. It features the best products and unique features. Now and then we see multi-national companies featuring revolutionary products but don’t get it wrong, none of these companies started this big. In fact, every business started off quite small. And with proper management, good decisions, and smart marketing, they kept on achieving milestones. Speaking of marketing, one of the most crucial things is to introduce your product to the masses, and Trade Shows are one good place for this purpose.


Trade Shows

A tradeshow or trade fair is a marketing event for businesses. Many companies gather under one roof to feature their products and attract customers. Businesses get to reach potential customers ( a customer who is most likely to buy a product) at trade shows. This is because most trade fairs are organized by a particular type of product. So, they are visited by only the people interested in that type.

So you are at a trade fair. You have given your space, which displays the products of your small business. The question is, how are you going to attract people to your space when you are surrounded by other businesses, many of which may be quite famous? You are going to need smart marketing. And speaking of bright marketing, we have come up with some unique display ideas which are going to stand your business display out in the Trade Show.


1. Make your display Speak Out

You may be wondering how a display speaks out. Well, the idea is to design your way in such a way that it represents your product. When a person sees your design from a distance, he should know at first glance that your booth and space are about fertilizers, juice blenders, mobile covers or whatever your product is. For example, bright agrotech, a company offering vertical farming, displays a ‘vertical farm’ to draw people towards its space.

I know it can be hefty to design something creative yourself but worry not, there are plenty of display design companies which offer quality custom trade show booths with graphics.


2. Catch People’s Eyes

The first impression, we usually underestimate it in everyday routine, but it plays a significant role even in our lives. Same goes for business. Suppose, a person just came to trade show. He sees about ten booths in front of him. Which one will he visit? The one is giving away the first impression. Statistics show that the box visited first has the most chances of getting its product sold. In a fast food exhibition, a fast food chain had its burgers ‘levitated’ by using helium balloons with the slogan “burgers light to your stomach.”


3. Make them Wonder

People love surprises. Surprises are something that makes everyone’s mind mill running in thinking and trying to make a rational explanation. Show something at your booths which will make people stop and stay. Because when they stop, they observe. And when they observe, they learn about it and ultimately turn out to be the most potential customers. In a clothing brands’ trade show, a booth featured a ‘stretching machine.’ The machine stretched and relaxed a shirt after intervals. This was a means to demonstrate the shirt’s quality. Everyone flocked towards that booth.


4. Use Audience Engagement For Extended Marketing

Add activities to your display which adds a factor of fun for the audience. This not only makes people like your product but they will also be an excellent marketing source for you. People talk about the things they like. And talking about the product is marketing it. In a clothing brands’ trade show, a brand’s display booth had a small ramp walk on which people walked wearing their clothes and a camera snapped their photo. The brand had held a lucky draw, where people could enter by uploading those photos on social media and tagging that brand’s page. While everyone was craving for those lucky draw prizes, the brand significantly increased its market reach.


Marketing has evolved in multiple ways. While trade shows offer a marketing opportunity, they also bring in competition. And the only way to stand out is to up your game by creatively upgrading your display designs along with the evolving market.