7 Simple Steps to Make You More Likeable

We enter multiple social situations each and every day. Whether it’s with a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or simply a shop assistant.

It’s a natural inclination, a human desire, to be well-liked. By being well perceived by others, it presents the opportunity to increase your circle of friends, work opportunities, event invitations and even our general happiness.

Being well-liked can afford you more life assets. Some of the benefits of being well-liked are having a strong and large support network system of contacts, being invited to parties along with events, becoming a candidate, as well as, winning a nominated party position.

Here are seven steps that can help to increase your likeability:


1. Body Language

People are going to make a judgment of you before you even start to communicate with them. The way you hold yourself, look at them, and respond to their presence are going to help them decide if they like you or not.

Try to maintain eye contact, don’t slouch, and appear interested and engaged when speaking to them.



2. Remember the Details

Initiate communications with others and remember details about them to bring up when in conversation.

For example, if they’ve mentioned their children, you could bring this up when you next speak to them by asking how they are (or referring to them by their names).

This action may be well received as thoughtful and considerate, showing that you have a genuine interest in what they previously spoke to you about.


3. Practice a Positive Attitude

We all have topics we desperately want to complain about but don’t make it the basis for all your conversations. If you’re constantly displaying a negative attitude, then people simply aren’t going to want to talk to you.

Stay upbeat and save the ranting for your closest friends who you know will be able to put up with it.


4. Go Above and Beyond

Extend yourself with polite acts of kindness and courteousness, which goes a long way for others.

You could simply hold a door open for someone or let someone get in front of you while in a shopping line, that’s really all it takes. By making it a practice to be polite, it’ll become second nature and will help to naturally boost your likeability.


5. Volunteer

Volunteering says a lot about a person.

It shows you’re willing to take time out if your own life to help others and represents a much kinder quality.


6. Present Yourself Well

Whether we like it or not, we’re all judged by our appearance. If you aren’t well-groomed or if you don’t put cleanliness first, people won’t want to be in your presence.

People gravitate towards someone who takes pride in their appearance and presents a confident, attractive quality.

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7. Listen

People yearn to be heard by others. Give people the chance to speak and really listen to what they have to say.

As mentioned previously, by thoroughly listening you’ll be able to remember the details of what they’re saying – which you can use to your advantage in future conversations.

You’ll have your time to talk eventually, so don’t interrupt and show a genuine interest.


These attributes will open up many more opportunities in your life and enhance your personality even further. To get an idea of how you’re currently liked by others, try taking a likeability test which will evaluate how well you behave. That way, you can see which areas you’re underperforming in and apply some of these steps into your day to day life to assure you make the right improvements.