Your office is the space in which you and your employees work hard throughout the week.

If you ask me, that makes it somewhere that’s worth making as good as it can be.


Allow Personalization

The best way to improve your overall office space is to allow employees to take control.

A person’s desk and workspace are personal to them. And if you want to get the best work out of them, then you should try to make them as comfortable as they possibly can be while they’re at work.

That’s something that you can do by handing control to them and allowing them to personalize their work area. They should be able to decorate the space or do whatever they want with it.


Use the Best Suppliers and Services

Sometimes, those small office perks are the ones that mean the very most to people. So, you should think about upgrading the stationary provider and sellers that you buy from. When you are working with higher quality products, then your job becomes a greater pleasure.

It might not seem like much, but it will simply add a little extra something to your office. The services you use on a regular basis can also be upgraded. GH Cityprint offer a range of printing services, and many other companies do too. So, compare the standard and consider paying for the best.


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Gain Control of Clutter

A cluttered and messy workplace is not the kind of place where anyone wants to spend their time. If it’s cluttered, then it becomes difficult to navigate and finding things becomes pretty much impossible.

So, you should regain control of the clutter in your office and have a big clear out. If you haven’t done this for a long time, it will probably be a big effort, so make sure you get everyone involved. When you have room to breathe and move around your office, it will all have been worth the effort.


Tidy Up the Cables

One of the big headaches in the office is cable problems. There is nothing more frustrating than having to untangle a mass of cable every time you want to do plug something in.

The short way around this problem is to use cable tidies that keep all the wires separate from one another. Then it is basically impossible for wires to get tangled up.

It’s one of those relatively small fixes that solves a real problem for office workers. It’s very cheap to put in place as well!


Provide a Break Area

Many employers don’t like the idea of providing a break area for their employees. They think that providing them with a break area will give them an excuse to not do work. But that’s not very logical.

All studies find that people work much better and become more productive when they are allowed to take regular breaks from their desk. So, create a corner of the office that people can go to a couple of times a day. There should be a sofa there and a coffee machine. It’s a great way of de-stressing for everyone.