9 Ecommerce Optimization Tips to Increase Your Business

There’s no point in investing tones of money into bringing traffic to your website if it’s not optimized properly. The money will just slip through your fingers. An average conversion rate for ecommerce websites is 2%. Your ecommerce website is not as successful? Or maybe you want it to be much more profitable than that? Let me guide you through the 8 ecommerce optimization.


1. Page loading time is essential for SEO and your buyers

Slow-loading ecommerce websites decrease both your conversion rate, as well as your SEO and keyword ranking. In a perfect world, your page should load in 3 seconds or less. What’s the easiest way to check your website page loading? Use Pingdom performance monitoring tool.

2. Clear homepage will improve your conversion rate

When a visitor enters your ecommerce website they should instantly understand what you are selling. There is a golden rule for successful ecommerce websites: simplicity wins. Always. Messy, crowded websites are a no-go. They will create a chaos in your consumer’s mind. Instead, invest in clear, high-quality interface with lots of pictures.

3. Contact information visible all the time

Display contact information on every page of your website.This will ensure your clients that you are not some shady seller who hides their identity, but a trustworthy e-shop, available to give more information at any time. On the ecommerce market, trustworthiness is a key to customers hearts: 76,5% of customers state it as an important factor in purchase decision making.

4. Simplify your checkout stage

Store checkout process should be as simple and non-problematic as possible. Remember: it’s the crucial stage of improving your conversion rate and ecommerce optimization. Clients at the checkout are those that are ready to buy. Checkout process that is complicated, not clear or too long will easily discourage them. 

5. Don’t turn the blind eye to About Us page

It’s one of the most often neglected steps: About Us page. It’s the unique way to tell your own story, show who you are, why you are worth customers’ trust and money. And customers do click About Us pages. A lot. Use it wisely.

6. Give your shopping cart an everlasting presence

Always show shopping cart icon at every page of your ecommerce website. Ideally, it should be not only visible, but also showing how much products there are. It will allow your customers to check out anytime. If they can’t find the shopping icon, they won’t be able to checkout.

7. Product reviews and testimonials showing love

Most of us read the reviews before buying a product online. It’s a fact. Encourage your customers to leave their reviews by offering them discount, coupons and other incentives. The more reviews, the better.

8. Awesome product return policy

These suggestions may not sound like a conversion optimization tactics at all, but they are. Over 50% of customers read return policy before purchase – make sure that they are as painless, as possible.

Final word:

There are dozens of ways to improve your ecommerce conversion rate. To be honest, ecommerce optimization is a never ending process so start now.