How Facebook Reviews Are Good For Business

In December 2017 Facebook reported that there were 1.4 billion average daily active users on its platform alone. Now what does this mean for you as a business owner? Well, a lot, especially if you have taken the steps to manage your online listings, market your business, and connect with your customers through social media.  As more and more consumers rely on the internet to search for products and local services, one way to make your business stands out among others is to have positive reviews on the social media platforms that people frequent the most. The following will provide an outline of how you can maximize your social media reviews and build a transparent customer-focused business.    


Create a Facebook Business Page if You Don’t Already Have One

A Facebook business page is just like your own personal profile. It’s a free business profile page where you can share your location and contact information, as well as updates or announcements related to the services you provide. If you don’t already have one, all you have to do is click the “Create Page” option from the drop down arrow menu in the top right of your personal page. After selecting “Local Business or Place” from the presented options, filling out the information fields (category, address, and contact phone number), and clicking “Get Started,” you’ll be on your way to reaching a large audience on one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today.


Keep Your Facebook Business Page Updated and Take Advantage of Optional Features

Just like online listings management, it’s important to keep the photos and information displayed updated, as well as any logos or advertisements for your products and services. Use high resolution photos, and invite friends within your network to like your page to get the word out and expand your reach. Facebook also lets you add buttons to allow customers to interact with your business directly through your Facebook business page. By using these features, customers could be able to book service or contact you directly without ever having to leave your business profile page.

After you enable and start to receive consumer reviews, remember that these reviews provide prospective customers with the one thing that you can’t: an honest look at a genuine experience with your business.  The more positive and detailed reviews the reviews are that you have, the more likely people will find your business trustworthy and credible. Research has shown that not only do online reviews increase average sales by 18%, but that customer reviews are trusted nearly 12 times in comparison to solely the business description that’s available.


Interact with Your Reviewers and Encourage Engagement

When it comes to increasing your Facebook reviews, there are a number of resources and reputation management services available to help you use social media to drive and expand your business. Facebook reaches people across the globe and from every single demographic that can use a computer or mobile device. Enabling and encouraging customers to leave reviews also shows your transparency as a business owner to embrace honest reviews. Make sure you’re doing your part to use these reviews as a means to communicate with customers and engage positively with any issues that may arrive.

Positive testimonials from online reviews build your credibility as a business and increases your chances for business as your products and services are continually recommended. Encouraging feedback not only shows others that you care about your customer experience, but additionally helps you to maintain sound business practices to keep your customers happy. Customer satisfaction should always remain at the top or your priority list and one of the main ways this will be reflected is through your online reviews. Don’t let a lack of reviews be the reason that someone doesn’t use your business.


Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media Reviews

Your online reviews not only help you understand the climate and reach of your business, they also help you rank higher in search results. A local business with reviews and ratings will rank higher in search results when compared to another local business that offers similar services, but has no reviews.


Embracing the accelerated growth of social media is also taking hold of the potential growth of your business. Don’t let a lack of mastery of Facebook or other social media platforms hold back your success.


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