Motivate Your Sales Team for the Best Bottom Line Possible

Whether you provide a service or a product, your sales are what keeps your business moving forward. When sales slump, everything else slumps with it.

While sales slumps are normal for every business, you still need methods to make the slump a little easier on your business and as short-term as possible. Here are some tried and true methods of keeping your sales team motivated and meeting sales goals:


Reward Your Team

It doesn’t matter what it is, your team will do better if there is some sort of reward for meeting sales goals. It could be as simple as a lunch out for meeting the monthly goal to acrylic awards for meeting the annual goals. These are simple actions that let your sales team know that their hard work is valued and appreciated.


Talk to Your Team

One of the simplest ways to motivate your team is by simply talking to them about their work style and team strategy. You can learn more about a person by learning how they are communicating with future prospects. If there is a problem area, you can collectively tackle that issue and develop a great procedure to help your team member do better. This motivates them because they feel heard.


Break Up Your Goals

Want to build your sales up quicker? Break your goals into smaller and manageable targets. Annual goals are great and still should be used, the same can be said for monthly goals. You can also incorporate daily and weekly sales goals. When tasks are broken down, sometimes those tasks can be met sooner which means quicker sales and the ability to land more sales beyond what you had originally planned for.


Not All Goals Have to Be About Money

Most sales targets are centered around dollar figures, but you can also change the focus. Setting a daily goal of talking to four new potential clients is one great way to make sure efforts are being made that can turn into big money later.


Talk to Your Team About Management Skills

The final way you can motivate your team better is by talking with each salesperson individually and talk to them about what they need from you. Some people like to check in with management daily to hold themselves accountable for work. Others prefer to check in on a weekly basis. Discuss various ways of communication (email, text, phone call, Skype) that they prefer and how do they wish to hear feedback and praise? While you won’t be able to cater to every desire of each of your team members, making some accommodations gives your sales team the room to do what they are really good at.

Finally, the one thing you really should always keep in the back of your mind is to keep the work environment easy and fun. Work gets hard and there will be stressful moments. If your sales team feels comfortable enough to come and talk to you during the hard and stressful, it will make for a more cohesive team and can guarantee big success for everyone in the business.

We want to hear from you! What technique have you used to motivate or reward your sales team that you found to be a huge success?