Small Business That Are Cheap and Easy to Start Up

Many people think of starting a small business as a massive undertaking and something they could never actually do. With some hard work, there are several business opportunities out there that are almost guaranteed success. Let’s talk about some of them.


Lawncare and Landscaping

Odds are you probably have a neighbor who would easily relinquish their grass cutting duties if they were simply presented with a reasonable price. Though there are a lot of guys out there that actually enjoy cutting grass and the escape it gives them from what’s going on inside their home, there are many other people who would be quick to give up the chore for a few bucks.

Depending on the geographical location, this could either be a full-blown business or more of a seasonal side hustle. In climates where there is snow there can be snow removal services offered to clients. Another service that can be offered in the winter is Christmas light installation.



There are some people out there that like to paint, but there are many, many more that absolutely hate painting and would love to pass off the job to you. Painting is not something that requires an incredible skill. Sure, a painter gets better with more experience, but that’s why you have your own home and family.

When it comes to start up cost, all you need is the paint and some supplies, which are easily covered by your first painting job. It’s very easy to find clients. Don’t believe me? Make a Facebook status about your painting services and you’ll get at least one client.

As far as upside goes, a painting business has as much as you would want. When you get too many jobs you can then move into a CEO role. Check out this story on Reddit on how a guy built a six-figure business that just started out as one guy painting.


Business Consulting

This may sound very daunting, but truth be told, it’s not. There are many businesses out there that do not have any presence on the internet. You can provide them with a service which will establish that for them and bring in potential clients. The best part is you can even outsource all of the work. Your only actual work is staying in contact with clients and making sure they are happy.


Real Estate

This one is very challenging. There are many, many real estate agents who fail, but if you are looking to build a six-figure business and are very dedicated, this is a great opportunity to do so. This one will be very challenging, but people who are either a) great at networking or b) already have a great network established, have a great opportunity to be an incredibly successful real estate agent in short time.


Getting Business Funding

One of the top concerns of people starting a business is getting funding to do so. Some of them are worried because they don’t have any money. Others are worried that they will borrow money and not be able to pay it back if their business fails. Then there are credit issues that keep people from borrowing. The reason we listed the businesses above is because outside of real estate, they can all be started with basically nothing.