Why Running Your Small Business from Home Is a Smart Idea



When you’ve started a new business, there’s a strong temptation to take it to advanced levels faster than you perhaps should.

After all, how can a business really feel successful if it isn’t being run from an office? An office filled with more employees than you can shake a stick at?

How can it even feel like a business at all (Quick side note: please don’t shake sticks at your employees. That’s not exactly Boss of the Year behavior.)

But in the early days of your business, you shouldn’t be tempted to make unnecessary purchases. And yes, that does mean you should consider not getting an office right away.

Some may despair at the thought, but running your business from home for a while can actually make a lot of sense (and make money even as part-time).


It can save you a lot of money – money you need for the business

This first year or two of your business probably isn’t going to be soaked in riches.

Sure, you may have managed to get your hands on a lot of capital. But you need to be pouring that capital into things like product creation, research, hiring, and advertising.

And that list is by no means an exhaustive one!



Using the space you already have at home is going to save you a lot of money. When you rent office space, you also need to buy new computers. You need new phones.

There’s the security deposit to consider as well as the monthly rent. You also need to buy Internet service packages.


You can get most of the resources you need

With you at your house and your employees at theirs, how are you all supposed to do business? You need to look into the virtual office methodology. Think about it.

For years now, we’ve all been using group chats in software like WhatsApp and Skype. That group communication technology is rife in business.

You can hold video conferences, collaborate on the same documentation – pretty much anything you can do in an office!



There are loads of other things you can get to help your virtual office feel more professional. You can get virtual office-friendly outsourcing for pretty much any job you need.

You’ll probably need a part-time, freelance accountant at some point? No worries. You can even get a virtual assistant if you feel like you’re stacked with micro-management tasks.


It can feel like a business

There’s a worry among many business owners that the work you need to get done simply won’t get done if you’re at home. Not because of the resource problems that we’ve just gone into. But you because you’re at home.

Home is where you relax. There are too many distractions.



This is why you need to turn your workspace into a self-contained work hub. Don’t work in the same room as all your books, unless they’re relevant to your business.

Keep your work away from the TV. The PlayStation 4. Don’t keep any distracting objects in your workspace. With self-discipline, you can get just as much done at home as you can in an office.

In fact, many reports that they end up being less distracted at home!