If you’ve had a big role in a recruitment drive before, then you’ll know it’s no easy task.

Because of the hassle involved in recruitment, a lot of business owners are completely hostile to the idea of hiring temps. Yes, there are drawbacks to temporary employees, but it’s not always a bad move to take some on.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of hiring temporary employees.


Temporary Workers: Pros

In the spirit of optimism, let’s start with the pros. The main reason temps even exist is because of sudden fluctuations in the flow of business.

There are a few common causes for a business taking on temporary workers. There might be a sudden illness or absence in an employee, which needs to be catered for. Or, you might have a deal dropped in your lap which requires better productivity. Retail businesses might need temps for peak-time seasons.

Other ventures might have special projects which they need to keep up with. If your business runs into something which means there’s suddenly more work to be done, then taking on temps could be a quick fix. By keeping a stable of temps ready, you’ll also be able to be a more flexible boss, and let permanent employees have leave at shorter notice.

When you’re able to do this, it can really improve the morale of your whole workforce. Making your business compatible with temps is also a great way to find more talent. PNP Staffing Group is one example of an agency which specialises in temps, albeit for non-profits.

You can take a worker on without making a commitment, observe how they’re doing, and decide whether or not to take them on permanently.

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Temporary Workers: Cons

Probably the biggest drawback of temporary workers is the need to train them. This will be at least a minor issue, no matter how much experience they have in a similar role.

Every business will have some acute differences in the way they run things. When your temp starts work, they’re going to be shaky, and may set things back by making mistakes. If you’re in your start-up period, then you may not be able to afford even minor slip-ups.

An extra pair of hands might sound great on the surface. However, you’ll always need to set some resources aside for training new temps. Entrepreneur has a helpful article on training new employees. Another big con is there can be a range of legal issues related to hiring temps.

Various recent cases have emphasized the importance of contracting temporary staff properly. If you’re thinking of hiring some temp, then make sure to have a long sit-down with your legal counsel.

There can’t be even the slightest doubt about the workers’ status, or about their eligibility for benefits. If you neglect this too much, you could end up with a full-scale lawsuit on your hands!


Consider these factors before taking on any temps at your business.

In the right conditions, temps can be a godsend.

In the wrong environment, they can be a total disaster!