If you are a new business owner and are looking for some marketing tips, you can be forgiven for thinking that your best options are online.

However, despite the enormous amount of press and editorial space that are given to online marketing, offline can be a lot more efficient.

Your best strategy should involve the right mix of online work, of course. But, here are five reasons why you should also be considering the offline space, too.

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The value of print

First of all, people put a far greater value on print materials that they can touch than a web page. Think about all the direct mail you get coming through your door.

Sure, a lot of it is irrelevant and goes straight into your recycling. But, every now and again, there will be an offer that catches your eye or a reminder that you need a particular product.

You are more likely to remember it, too. Almost three-quarters of people feel that direct mail offers are more trustworthy than online offers.


The longevity of printed materials

The average person keeps direct mail in their homes for up to 45 days. Every one of those days offers an opportunity to make a sale – just from single look.

Now, think about all the effort you need to put in to get people visiting your website.

SEO, PPC ads, content creation – and you still might only get a single visit for your troubles. There are opportunities with printed marketing materials that you don’t get with online marketing.

Try it and see how it goes. It’s cost-efficient, too. 


People share

Sharing is important in the online and offline worlds, of course. But, the value of sharing offline is often more than the value of a social share online.

Let’s imagine that you are in a store while out shopping.

You see a flyer with a discount on a product that you don’t use, but you know your grandmother does. You will pick it up and give it to her.

More than one in five printed promotions are shared, and will often result in more purchases. That is far more valuable to your business than someone clicking a share button on your Facebook posts.


You can choose your targets

Offline marketing doesn’t just mean flooding people’s mailboxes with print materials, of course. You can target a specific audience just as well as you can with online marketing. Take trade exhibitions, for example.

You pay an entry fee and grab a stand from a company such as infinityexhibits.com. Once you arrive, you will be face-on with hundreds or thousands of people who all have a natural inclination to buy or find out about your product. You can create your own events, too – which can amplify your online marketing efforts.


You get to open up the discussion

Online marketing – despite the hype – is limited in its ability to create discussion.

Sure, you can engage some of your audience, but it is hard to sell a product or service when you are talking on social media or web chat. Talking to people offline, however, gives you an opportunity to put a face to your name.

You can resolve any problems in your customer’s mind right there and then.


So, don’t forget about offline marketing strategies just yet – they are far from dead!

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