Most business owners don’t realise how much money they’re wasting each and every month.

Here are some sensible idea on how to cut down how much your business spends.


Review Your Suppliers

When was the last time you thought about switching your suppliers? If you’ve never given any thought to it, then the chances are you’re paying too much.

There are so many options out there, so it makes sense to review your choice of suppliers. You might find that you can save a lot of money by using a new, smaller supplier.

Or maybe you have the best deal on the market. But the point is that you’ll never know until you have a look at the other deals that are out there.


Upgrade Efficiency

Many companies waste a lot of money on energy. Do you leave the lights on when no one is in the meeting room?

And do you leave all the computers and appliances on standby when they’re not in use?

If the answer is yes, then you’re wasting money. You can also spend less on energy by upgrading to the most energy efficient appliances.

Yes, it might cost money in the short-term. But it will save even more money in the long-term. 



Keep an Eye on the Small Stuff

The small things always add up to a big sum of cash. You might not think that you spend much money on printing paper or plastic cups for the water cooler. But when you add in the cost of stationery and other small things, the bill will be quite large.

You should do everything you can to cut down those costs so that your monthly expenditure doesn’t rise too high. Many businesses can save huge amounts of money by using less of the small things in the office, so give it a try.


Use the Internet, Ditch the Phones

Phones are a great way of wasting money. You probably spend a lot of money on your office phone bill. But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

One of the great things about the internet is that it allows you to do a lot of things for free which weren’t free previously. This applies to phone calls to. VoIP phones allow you to make calls over the internet.

This means that you pay much less per call than you would if you were using an ordinary landline system.


Cut the Luxury

If your employees are sent away on business trips with regularity, you need to think about how much you spend.

It’s perfectly possible to cut the luxury out of business trips and still achieve exactly the same outcomes for the business. And all those luxury details cost a lot of money, so cutting them out will save you a lot.

For example, you could take cheaper flights and other travel arrangements. And you could stay in a three-star hotel rather than a four-star one. All of those tips will save you cash.