The Art of Remote Work: 6 Tips for Being Consistently Productive and Organized

Remote work can be immensely rewarding, but boy can it be a challenge to stay organized and productive when you’re the one in charge! Luckily, a lot of those challenges can be solved almost instantly if you have the right tools and resources backing you up. The following six tips will get you started:


Move Between Working Spaces

As a remote worker, you can and should move between different working environments to suit your changing needs. Serviced offices and meeting rooms are great for focused catch-ups, collaborative work, and anything that requires a more formal setting. 

Coffee shops are fantastic for those times when you don’t have any meetings but do want a happy buzz around you as you work. Meanwhile, your home office or kitchen can be ideal when you aren’t feeling your best or want full control over your working environment. 

Switching and changing between various working spaces helps you remain productive, organized, and adaptable as a remote worker. 


Stick to a Routine

According to researchers, routines help us to sleep more soundly, enjoy better overall health, feel less stressed, and generally experience more happiness. What do remote workers tend to not have, though? A routine

Though this is problematic, it’s also completely understandable. When you don’t have to be at a physical work location and you can access your work 24/7, it’s all too easy to fall into the habit of winging it. 

To combat this, create a simple work routine complete with times and a clear schedule. You’ll soon discover that you’re more productive and able to switch on and off when it comes time to focus. 


Take Care of Yourself

Around 80% of workers would quit their current job for one that better accommodated their mental health needs. This is perhaps one of the least surprising statistics of the year. You need your brain to be in good shape if you want to do your job effectively, which is why productivity always begins with self-care. 

Take downtime, enjoy plenty of breaks, spend time in nature – whatever you need to recharge. The more you recharge, the more effective you’ll be when you get back to work. 


Use Tech to Your Advantage

Smartphones can be a distraction for remote workers. Indeed, the average person spends over two hours a day on social media alone. Of course, you can’t just eliminate your phone from your life. Instead, download apps designed to help rather than hinder your productivity. You can even find apps that block social media accounts for a designated amount of time.


Control Your Workspace

According to recent research clutter and disorganization actively drain our brains of the ability to focus. By having a controlled workspace, you will greatly enhance your ability to remain organized and productive as a remote worker. 


Get Some Good Noise Cancelling Headphones

In addition to causing stress, background noise can decrease the amount of dopamine you have access to in the front of your brain (the part that helps with information processing). This can impact your ability to think clearly and retain information. That’s why most successful remote workers will tell you that noise-canceling headphones are by far one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in for productivity. 

Whether you work from home, a shared office space, or a Combi van, a set of noise-canceling headphones is a really clever gift to yourself. 


Use the tips above to enhance your life as a remote worker. You’ll soon be enjoying more organization, productivity, and a career that goes from strength to strength.