The 10 Commandments To Increase Sales

The ability to sell is one of those things in the business that you have as a gift or learn over time.

Below are the 10 commandments that will help you sell better, even the ice to an Eskimo!


1. Think positive

Do you remember the slogan of Obama during his presidential campaign: his motto was winning:

Yes, we can.

To succeed in your sales you have to transmit positivity, you must be sure of your actions and, above all, believe in yourself, because if you don’t, why should your customers do it?


2. Learn The Numbers

Or rather, learn the numbers that will lead to success and follow them through. Because the numbers help you to reach the highest peaks: how many appointments do you need to make an offer?

How many leads do you need to make a sale?

How many sales do you need to achieve your goal?

Learn and follow the numbers!


3. Loyalty

Better a wife/husband happy / or (perhaps by others) or faithful?

The answer is simple and it is geared towards the second option.

To be able to increase sales you must retain your customers, and to do that you have to become an indispensable resource.

A resource capable of finding ideas and solving problems at the right time.

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4. Become a friend

This is a critical step, but also difficult to move.

To become a friend of your client you must be sincere and ready to help, you have to anticipate his needs and then go further.

Even call him when there is a sale in sight, remember his birthday, solve small problems that do not relate to the job, etc.

5. Do your Best

Enthusiasm is a key component to improving sales.

Only when there is this ingredient in the alchemy work can give the best of yourself, to overcome the biggest obstacles that separate you from the objective to be achieved.


6. Persevere in the Sale

The first appointment go wrong? Make right away another, and then another, until you are given the ability to persevere.

Who gives up at the first “no” is not intended to improve their sales, those who insist (no exaggeration) sooner or later reach its result.


7. Work on Word of Mouth

That is one of the great resources that we use to make decisions, both in real life and on the web.

When a customer is satisfied with your work do not be afraid to ask the customer a friend, an acquaintance, or colleague who needs your work.


8. You Have to Know Everything

Of course everything about the product you’re selling, but not only to give one more chance to your sales you need to know also the company of your customer.

Just a round of phone calls, or better yet a puff on the results of Google, to gather all the information you need to get ready for your date of sale.


9. Your Customers are Celebrities

And you must treat them at the most as if they were celebrities.

Imagine if George Clooney came into a shop: the salesman would treat him like any other customer? I do not think so: he would treat him like a special customer – he would dedicate his special time and attention – then you must do the same.

Because this is the key to everything: your customers are special, and you need to make them understand.


10. Have fun

This is the secret to succeeding in your job: you need to have fun.

Your day at work does not have to be a sacrifice, not to be a succession of hours that are pitted like a countdown. Your work must be synonymous with fun, and you must be happy to start a new day.

I know it’s difficult, but this is the secret to selling great.