Gain Popularity And Increase Revenue With These Marketing Trends

If theres ever been a fruitful time for online businesses, it would be now. 2020 has been a year of unprecedented ups and downs, and life as we once know it has changed entirely. However, while some havent been able to keep up, others have flourished. With much of the world under lockdown, many businesses now operate either partially or entirely online. With the face of business changing so significantly, marketing trends have understandably changed as well. 

New technology and statistics can completely change the game when it comes to marketing. The only way to get your brand the popularity it deserves is by keeping up with these trends. Todays digital marketplace grows increasingly saturated each day. To make your place in such a competitive business landscape, you need to be on board with the newest innovative marketing trends. 

Marketing is one of the core aspects of a business model. A successful marketing plan can either make or break your company. Marketing helps with everything from predicted profits to how many people to hire in a given department. Without the numbers from the marketing department, the rest of the business fails to function effectively.  

Here are some ways to gain popularity and increase revenue with some common marketing trends. 



Competitor analysis is essential

SEO is one of the most effective ways to get your brand the recognition and, in turn, the revenue it deserves. The most crucial aspect of effective SEO is to remember that you dont operate in a bubble. When implementing SEO, assessing the strategies your rivals use is imperative. Competitive intelligence and competitor analysis tools tell you where your competitors lack and how you can take advantage of their shortcomings

Competitive research shows you the leaders in your niche, the marketing trends they use, and where youre lacking. It tells you which marketing trends perform most successfully, letting you streamline your marketing strategy. It can also tell you what your audience is most interested in and the demographics you should be advertising.

From analyzing the most successful ad campaigns to conducting organic research, you can do it all with competitor analysis. Undoubtedly, this is the best marketing trend to get on board with if you want to see your revenue and popularity soar in the long run.  

Competitive analysis should be the first step you take before implementing any other marketing strategy. Investing in the wrong marketing trend wont just drain your resources – it can also cause irreparable business damage. Using ineffective marketing will let your competitors take the lead while your ranking drops.  


Use conversational marketing to make sales

Marketing these days focuses entirely on building a unique and unbeatable customer experience. Customers want to feel valued, and the best and most effective way of doing so is through conversational marketing. When it comes to marketing successfully, the goal isnt just to generate traffic. Instead, you need to convert that traffic into meaningful leads, and the most innovative route to take is conversational marketing. 

Gone are the days of one-way emails and surveys to gauge customer satisfaction or inform customers of new deals. Instead, consider having a one-on-one chat with potential clients. Conversational marketing helps create an authentic shopping experience for customers. They can get answers to all of their queries via a sales rep. 

It helps keep customers hooked for longer, and sales reps can build their interest in your product, helping you close more deals. Additionally, one of the essential things customers look for is good customer care. If you can provide that, theyre much more likely to recommend you to friends and family. 


Capitalize upon your brand image

Your brand identity is easily one of the most vital aspects to focus on to boost your popularity. When customers invest, they donjust consider your products or services, but what your brand stands for and your image. A brand image helps make your brand easily recognizable amidst the others and in an increasingly saturated business world.

Having an affinity that the customers can relate to plays a significant role in gaining popularity. You may not have ever imagined that your personal and business values can be a major chip in your marketing strategy.  

CSR campaigns and fair-trade indications on your products are some of your affinity’s best indicators and thus your brand image. Consider capitalizing on the brand image you either have or are looking to create in the market. Your customer loyalty will come from the picture you have made in the consumers mind.  


Influencer marketing 

Brand ambassadors are an excellent way for you to gain popularity in the market. Not only do celebrity endorsements help your image, but it creates a lasting effect for longer than one could imagine. Long after your contract is over, people still associate certain celebrities with your company. 

However, in modern times, we are less likely to use traditional celebrities and are more inclined towards social media influencersTo keep up with contemporary society, we need to be up to date with whats popular. Influencers are the new celebrities of the digital age. Having an endorsement from a social media influencer may hold just as much weightage as having music, actor, or sports superstar do the same. 

Influencer marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies used to create awareness and increase potential revenue. People are likely to be persuaded and guided by what influencers say. Moreover, young adults are more susceptible to modeling than previous generations. Therefore, they want to mirror their idols as much as possible. An endorsement from their favorite Youtuber, Streamer, or TikTok star could go a long way for you.  



Here we have looked at four ways to gain popularity in an increasingly competitive market and grow with technology. Once you gain popularity in the market, and people know you exist, revenue will rise alongside its popularity. The majority of the solutions we have provided are tailormade to suit modern times.

Marketing during the pandemic brings its own set of challenges. With some of the suggestions we have provided, we think you could market yourself and see an increase in revenue by the next quarter!