6 Ways You Can Support Israel

Israel has been a longtime ally of the Western World and is a stable force in the Middle East. Not only does the country stand against terrorism but Israel also promotes economic stability and provides humanitarian efforts throughout the region. When you support Israel, you support peace. Here are some ways you can support Israel.

1. Support Israel’s Export Trade

Israel is home to a large number of start-up companies with innovative ideas that improve our world. You can get in on that improvement by supporting Israel’s export trade.

Gregg Roman Medium, director of the Middle East Forum emphasizes the importance of not only supporting Israel in your day-to-day activities but also with your pocketbook. Go online to purchase products and services from Israel. Also, research Israeli food and beauty brands. Ask your local grocery store to carry these items.

2. Educate Yourself and Others

Read the Jerusalem Post for daily news. Visit your local library and read up on Israel’s history. Educate yourself on the issues that are facing Israel. Join forum groups to learn what’s going on and find out how you can help.

3. Speak Out About the Facts

When you read an article in the media or see a news report on television that’s biased against Israel, complain in a polite and respectful manner. Write editorials and submit them to newspapers and television stations. Talk to people as often as you can. Ask if you can speak in public school classrooms as well.

4. Learn Hebrew

Israel is an important player on the world stage, and learning their native language, Hebrew, will help you better under the Israeli people. It’s a fascinating language that was resurrected after being dead for 2,000 years. Understanding Hebrew is an invaluable way to understand the Middle East and Hebrew culture.

5. Visit Israel

Jerusalem is a city that’s holy for not only Jews but also for Christians and Muslims as well. The Dead Sea is fascinating to visit, and Tel Aviv is a cultural hotspot. The Negev is a beautiful desert and Galilee is full of history.

More importantly, however, you won’t truly understand the people of Israel unless you meet them and interact with them on a one-to-one basis. Spend time in Israel and meet her people and you’ll never be the same again.

6. Contact Your Representatives

Send an email to the president. Make it short and polite, but also make your views clear. Urge the president to make the right decision, not for political purposes but because it’s the right thing to do.

Contact your representatives in Congress. Get like-minded people to join you and together talk to your senator and other representatives. When groups of people speak out, politicians are more likely to listen.

Also, be sure to vote in every election. You may not think your voice matters, but elections are won and lost because people chose to stay home on election day.

By educating yourself and getting involved, you can make a difference for Israel and the world.