Making The Switch: 5 Tips For Turning A Side Hustle Into A Business

It’s a big dream of many people to quit the 9-to-5 and actively pursue a career that relates to their passions. Whether you do it on a whim or by carefully planning out your move, the fact is that you can make it happen.

These five tips will help you get there.

Photo: Justin Veenema / Unsplash


1. Find Ways To Grow Without Spending Extra Time Or Money

Are you struggling to grow because of restrictions with time or money? There are ways to boost your size without sacrificing sleep or hiring loads of staff. You can use a 3PL fulfilment service for eCommerce to handle every aspect of stock management and shipping. You can delegate time-heavy tasks to freelancers or an online PA – there are tons of low-cost ways to increase your productivity without having to sacrifice your precious time. 


2. Write A Plan

A side hustle turning into a true career can feel like a pipe dream. You may ask all the “what ifs” but never truly answer them, further feeding into your worries. The better approach is to dive into problem-solving and focus on creating your new reality. What if today you wrote a plan which included:

  • The steps it would take to get you where you want to be
  • A rough budget for the costs of the process
  • The “what ifs” and the answers to those questions
  • A list of pros and cons

By sitting and facing these realities, you can get an idea of how far from your dream you truly are. Then, you will know exactly what needs to be done next to get you closer to it, perhaps even setting a date for making it a true reality. 


3. Don’t Keep Waiting

While it is important to work on the above points and actively plan your next moves, it is inevitable that you will need to take a leap at some point. If you keep waiting, the right time will never come.

If you’re struggling and the worry is preventing you from taking that next big step, it might be time to see a therapist with whom you resonate. It’s important to free yourself from the anxieties that hold you back from following your heart and living the life you love. 


4. Learn How To Save

Most Americans have less than three months’ worth of savings at any one time. Rare though it may be, the ability to save is essential if you want your side hustle to become your career. Working out how much you need to save to start the business and survive essentially job-less for up to a year will help you set a savings goal, which will then enable you to create an accurate budget.


5. Do Your Research

Have you ever seen a Shark Tank episode where a person has what they think is an awesome business idea, only to be told that there is no market for their item or service? This is the result of people following their hearts without doing any research as to whether customers will actually want to buy their product. Do not be that person. 

Do your research, check out which industries are growing, understand your target market, and be brutally honest about whether or not your side hustle is scalable enough to become a profitable business. 

“I didn’t change; I just found myself.” – Bob Marley

You deserve to live your best life, and if that includes making your side hustle your main job, follow the six tips above and make a start today – it’s time to thrive.