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When you’re in the starting stages of establishing your company, you will think about setting up a business site. Your business site is a fundamental part of your company. It’s where people will be able to buy different products and services that you offer. It’s where customers can learn more about your company, deciding whether to use your services. It can be set up as a powerful and expansive marketing platform. You can post everything from content to viral media that could boost the brand of your business. But first, you need to progress through the stages of setting up your business.


Choose A Domain Name

Your first step is to choose a domain name for your business. Finding a great domain name for your business is important. While it’s not how most customers will find your company, it is what they’ll use once they already know your company exists. As well as this, it will be a way for you to boost your search ranking higher than other companies. You’ll probably find that these days your first pick domain name is already taken. You might have to be creative with the name that you choose. But there are ways to make your domain stand out from the rest.


Set Up Your Site

There are plenty of websites online that allow you to build your own site. You can find these across the net. It’s up to you which one you choose. Bear in mind, it doesn’t matter where you set up your site. You can still separate it from the crowds online with a unique design and format. As well as this, it’s possible to set up the site and then register it with a new domain name. That means your site doesn’t need to be directly attached to WordPress or Blogger.


Images, Videos, And Media

Your website should not be a board of text, particularly if you’re using it to boost promotion and marketing. Instead, you need to fill it with plenty of different images and videos. Don’t forget that images and videos are more likely to be shared than plain text. The more information is shared from your site the higher your ranking will rise.


You may also want to consider making your site more visually immersive and interactive. This is possible by creating moving displays. It’s a little trickier than your typical site. But any designer should be able to arrange this for you.


Don’t forget that your social media should be connected to your business site. By doing this you will essentially open a two-way street. You’ll be able to link back to your site and customers will be able to look at updates when they view your web page.


Adding Content

Finally, you need to add content to your webpages. But it can’t be junk and rubbish. It needs to be written and designed to a high quality and standard. Otherwise, you will quickly see the ranking of your site drop off completely. At that point, no customers will find your website or buy your products.