Fantastic Tips For A Great Trade Show Booth That Will Wow

Fantastic Tips For A Great Trade Show Booth That Will Wow

Every business needs help getting off the ground, which is why you will try anything to make sales and increase profits.

In today’s day and age, turning to trade shows for help may seem a little bit desperate. After all, trade shows are in the past and online marketing is the key to becoming a success.

Well, it is true that online marketing is an essential tool, but trade shows are by no means dead. Just like most forms of advertising, old and new, they still have a part to play.

So, if you are heading to a trade show anytime soon, here are a several important tips that you cannot afford to ignore.


Get The Looks

There is no denying that looks are important. People are attracted to pretty booths because they stand out above the competition. They grab their attention and make them want to find out more about the booth and the company.

Your main priority should be to keep the design simple and pretty basic. The more complex you get, the more you lose the essence of what you are trying to achieve.

Have a look on the Internet for booths that make an impression on you, and take inspiration from these sources. If you don’t feel comfortable making your own, there are fantastic trade show rentals that will create everything you require.

fair booth



Big Visuals

To complement the booth’s looks, you should add some trendy graphics and visuals. A simple computer screen with animated graphics can perfectly balance the tone and style you are looking to achieve.

Plus, animated visuals are big. By that, we mean that they large and that grabs people’s attention as soon as they enter the vicinity.


Make It Approachable

There are two things that can make a booth approachable. The first is what you are offering. Although you cannot change the core of the product, you can change how you present it to the public.

For example, some people might like visuals on TV screens or computer screens. However, others may be more old school, and they may like to get their information through flyers and leaflets.

Secondly, the people manning the booth can make it more or less approachable. If you have a big, beaming smile and welcoming body posture, the trade show attendees will more than likely come for a chat. If you look like you want to be elsewhere, they won’t bother.



Staying with the theme of hosts, it is important that you look the part. You are at the trade show to represent your company, so what you look like will reflect the professionalism of your business.

If you are stood there looking like a homeless person, people won’t want to approach you no matter how good your products and services. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit because that might not be the image you want to project. There is nothing wrong with looking casual, as long as you look smart at the same time.




Prime Real Estate

For the most part, the trade show will depend on you and how well you tackle the event. However, there are one or two tricks that can make life easier or harder, such as the location of your booth.

You want prime real estate that is center stage for everyone walking past. Why? It is simple – more people will recognize your brand and see what you have to offer. Sometimes, the best booths don’t get the recognition they deserve because they are in the shadows.

Yes, a couple of people will come across them, but the main bunch will walk straight past. The only way to get a prime location is to pay the extra charge that most shows charge. Look into it early because the best spots run out very fast.


Reach Out On Social Media

To draw more attention to your booth hit Twitter and Facebook and get posting. The odds are that a lot of people who follow you are at the show also. As you already have a connection, reach out to them and ask them to come and take a look.

They will probably be very happy to visit your booth because they follow you in the first place and are curious about what you have to offer. Even if they are not there, people who are there might see the post and come along. Never underestimate the effectiveness of social media.


Special Offers

Let consumers know that they cannot get the offers at the trade show anywhere else. For a limited time only, offer them special promotions that could save them a lot of money.

It could be a discount on a product or service, or it could be a ‘freebie’ that you are giving away. Regardless of what it is, people are more likely to take notice of your stand and your company. After all, everyone loves a freebie!


Promotions And Contests

To get the wow factor, you need to create a buzz. Sometimes, you need more than a product to whip the crowd into a frenzy because they can find products everywhere they look. No, sometimes a gimmick is a better option.

Consumers and clients love entertainment and originality when they shop because it is unique. So, holding a contest in the middle of the trade show could work wonders. It doesn’t have to be anything special because a simple raffle will suffice. As long as you are engaging the audience in something other than a sale’s pitch, you should start a positive reputation.


Snacks And Drinks

Have you ever wondered why trade shows are full of people offering snacks and drinks? The thinking is two-fold. Firstly, you get tired and thirsty walking around and appreciate free food and drink.

And secondly, it is shameless advertising. Water bottles will have the company name on the wrapper, and that has longer lasting effects. Some people will throw the bottles away, but others will take them home. When they do, they are a constant reminder of your company and what you offer.


Author: Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.

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  1. Using social media is a great strategy to attract more people to your booth. Great article!

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  2. Your point to make your booth approachable was a valid one. Adding an attractive display is also a useful approach, just as you’ve shared.

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  3. Great advice. It’s important to have a setup that is approachable so people are not scared to come talk to you. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Absolutely agree with Erik.
    To make marketing approach it’s very important to pick the right audience. As you said there are many people who are interested in visual appearance on TV, Computer screens. But on the other hand there are many local audiences like restaurants, schools and other businesses that prefer leaflet and flyer distribution marketing to target their audience.
    So we should always separate our marketing audience to make a marketing approach.

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  5. Getting more attention by using social media sites seems like a great way to get more people visiting your trade show booth. I would also assume having a great sign that’s well placed and creative would also help a lot. If I had to get the attention of people at a large conference, I think utilizing social media and a great sign would be a good start. It seems like grabbing people’s attention is the key to having them notice your business.

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