Winning Mobile App Ideas That Businesses Can Use In 2020

Mobile apps are indispensable for businesses today as they connect them with the mobile audience. This is a segment that you cannot afford to miss, considering its humongous size at present and the expected growth in the future. If you don’t already have a presence across this channel, now is the time to get started. And if you have a mobile app, you need to revisit it and get an upgrade to match the latest trends. As the competition in the business landscape explodes, not keeping pace with the trends can leave you behind. The best approach would be to know what is brewing in the mobile space and make sure that your app is good enough to impress the audience. Here are some winning app ideas that you can use in 2020. 


Artificial Intelligence  

An intelligent mobile app has the potential to take your business ahead and Artificial Intelligence is the technology that makes them so. It lets apps understand the user behavior and preferences on the basis of in-app activity, analyze them and interpret them to get actionable insights for the business. Further, businesses can use these insights to deliver personalized experiences to the customers and drive more conversions. 



Taking the concept of AI one step further are chatbots, which are all set to become part of every app in 2020. These smart virtual assistants are capable of conversing with the users just like human assistants can. Not only are they available 24 by 7, but they can also understand the human language and offer a conversational response accordingly. Chatbots are going to play a key role in the e-commerce domain as they can open new sales opportunities through personalized conversations.  



Another mobile app idea that is going to emerge strongly in 2020 is that of wearable apps. Essentially, wearable devices are worn by the users (in the form of watches, glasses and even shoes) and require an app to run them. Wearables are widely used in the fitness and healthcare domain, with apps to measure the vital stats such as heart rate, pulse, calories burned and a number of steps walked by the wearer. Soon, these apps will find a place in other business segments as well. 


Agile development 

More than technology, agile development is a strategy that can actually make your solution stand apart. You will witness developers moving towards this development approach in the coming year to make apps faster-to-market. They will capture every opportunity to improve the process while ensuring that the apps delivered are feature-rich and flawless. This approach is vital because it lets businesses secure a winning advantage by bringing innovation for users. 


App security

Like agile development, security is another approach that is going to emerge as a dominant app development trend in 2020. The growing number of security breaches and the consequent regulatory requirements are making businesses and developers conscious about app security. The reverberations will be seen in the form of stronger security features in mobile apps this year. Obviously, users will prioritize the ones that are more secure because they have to share their personal and financial details with the app. 



Though beacons have been around for a few years, this year is going to make them all the more popular. Powered by location-based technologies, these tiny devices connect with apps to send contextual notifications for users. For example, an app user passing by a shopping mall will immediately get notification about the deals and offers on their favorite brand so that they can step in and buy them. This technology is going to drive the marketing strategies of businesses in the most remarkable way.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

As user experience is the key to winning the app game, developers are going to embrace immersive technologies like AR and VR in 2020. And these are not going to be confined to only gaming apps this year. You will see more of AR- and VR-driven e-commerce apps as well because these technologies give a lifelike experience of the products and drive more conversions. AR and VR will also be used to create close-to-life virtual training experiences. Virtual tours for travel apps are another idea that will make an impact this year. 

These amazing app ideas are definitely going to drive the business scenario in 2020 and adopting them is the smartest thing to do. However, you need the right development partner who can capture these ideas and create brilliant solutions that take you ahead of the competition and propel business growth.