Promotional Purpose – 4 Ways Promotional Products Can Support Your Business

Promotional products are some of the most effective tools you can add to your marketing artillery, provided you make use of them correctly. Even if you get your hands on the most incredible items dreamed up by a top creative design agency, they’re not automatically going to attract new customers. Such impressive promotional products must still form part of a broader strategy. 

When tactfully deployed, these products affirm your brand’s message, keep you at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and help you win new brand fans. Here are five other ways promotional products can support your business: 

Image: Unsplash/Joanna Kosinska


1. Improve Your Promotions

Promotions can work wonders at expanding your client base if you use the correct promotional gifts as part of the event. However, it’s important to remember that the purpose of a promotion isn’t to make sales. What you should be aiming to do is introduce new people to your brand and what you offer. 

Each promotion acts as a gateway that attracts new buyers who otherwise may not have considered your products or services. Promotions are most effective when the seller dedicates themselves wholeheartedly to delivering excellent service. You want to create an experience so unforgettable that customers keep using your products or service once the promotion is over. Promotions attract new people, but it’s up to you to keep them as customers. 


2. Cultivate Brand Awareness

Promotional products should always carry your branding on them. Never skimp on the branding  – it represents what people can expect from your business. Are you a high-end provider that delivers exceptional quality without question, or do you accept cheaper jobs performed with less integrity? 

Consider also what items you use to promote your business. Steer away from pens, refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, and other boring stationery items. These things are overdone and lack creativity. Instead, consider creating clever and useful industry-relevant tools that align with the services you offer. 


3. Build Associations With Brand Names

You want your brand to be at the forefront of any conversations that take place around topics that affect your industry. For example, as an accountant, it is important to be at events that support financial freedom for women. You’d also want to make your presence known at expos relating to financial health and events that cover finance in business. You need to have a voice at such places because the participants will build positive associations between your brand and important matters. 

The perception of your brand will change for the better if you’re regularly associated with important causes. You should always utilize promotional items at these events so that people have something to take away with them that keeps you fresh in their minds. 


4. The Perfect Conversation Starters

Promotional products are major conversation starters, especially if you choose funny or thought-provoking objects. One example of something impactful is a sproutable pencil. The recipient can write with this pencil until it’s too short to be of use and then they can plant it in some soil and watch it grow. Such gifts send a clear message that you care about the environment. 

For professionals who work in the mental health sphere, a calming stone can be beneficial. A calming stone is a crystal or other smooth stone with your branding carved into it, created palm-sized so that people can hold onto it for comfort when they have an anxiety episode. 


Make It Unique

The biggest trick to successful advertising with promotional products lies in being unique. You must make your gifts memorable. This could mean special, useful, beautiful, hilarious, or just completely out of the ordinary. Have fun, and be creative!