5 Tips To Getting Authentic Online Reviews

A large number of online entrepreneurs know that they should be focused on getting authentic online reviews from customers, but the disappointing thing is that most of them never take action to do it.

Their primary focus has always been getting new customers to buy their products instead of focusing on the most important aspect which is showcasing the quality of the work they do through using customer reviews which will, in turn, drive in new customers to them.

So how do you get authentic online reviews? Here are 5 tips that will help you a great deal:


1. Request For Reviews And Feedback From Your Customers

Requesting for feedback and reviews from your customers is an effective way to getting authentic online reviews. To do this, you can have a system on your site where you engage your customers by asking them to participate in a simple survey with questions regarding your products or services.

Through this, your clients will be able to offer their honest review and feedback on your product or service offerings.


2. Make Use Of Your Social Media Channels To Gain Customer Reviews

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have a wide command of people, most of which are your clients. Using these channels and sharing customer reviews and testimonials on them builds trusts with your audience as they get a feel for how you handle your clients.

Sharing reviews on these platforms initiate conversations from people viewing them and most of them will start giving feedback on their experiences interacting with your business and using your products or services. These platforms become a place where customers easily offer their genuine feedback.


3. Make Room For Video Testimonials From Your Clients

It’s easy to question the authenticity of a written online review on a website or social media platform, but a video testimonial speaks volumes and can be easily considered as true information.

Your customers are able to express their views on working with your business. Customers who prefer to speak out rather than write a review will appreciate this feature.

Have within your website the provision for customers to record videos directly and offer their feedback. You’ll be amazed at how many online reviews in video format you’ll be getting daily from your customers.


4. Join An Online Review Site

There are many online review sites where customers can locate your business and leave great feedback on your products and services. Create an official profile that describes your business, what it does, a portfolio detailing your achievements, and links to your website. A well-presented profile is more likely to attract more reviews from potential clients.


5. Make The Review And Feedback Process Easy And Fast

Customers offering you feedback regarding your products is a huge plus for your business. You need to make this process easy and fast for them. Ensure that you guide your customers on how to give their feedback.

Have links leading to where they can make reviews. Make the navigation process on your website easy so that a client doesn’t have to struggle to find a place to comment, review, and give a rating of your product or service