How to Create Technology Blogs that Generate Lasting Results

Technology blogs have a whole set of best practices that are specific to the industry and audience. In this handy article, we do our best to distill these into a handy central document that you can refer back to whenever you need to build out a new blog (for a website, new ad campaign or email marketing initiative). Save it to your bookmarks and you’ll thank us later!


1. Balance jargon and everyday language 

One mistake many technology blog writers make all the time, is overloading their audience with layers of rich, thick jargon. Even the most technically informed reader is unlucky to want to dig through this to get to the heart of what you are trying to say. While it’s important to include jargon in order to ensure the accuracy of your piece, and demonstrate you understand the nuances of your industry and audience – you can definitely go too far with this.

It’s important to mix technical terms with common, everyday language that the layman will understand. This combination is the secret recipe to success with tech blogs, keeping the reader engaged while also appealing to the specificity of their craft. Just make sure you get your proportions right and don’t go over the top with either. 


2. Stay on point

Another mistake many tech writers make is that they get diverted down different trains of thought and interest. If you’re focusing on the future of Artificial Intelligence in finance, you need to make sure that you stay on this topic, and not get distracted by potential areas of exploration that aren’t relevant.

Your audience has found themselves on your blog post for a reason, and if you aren’t shown to deliver this, even from the first few paragraphs, your reader is not only likely to disengage, they’re also likely to perceive you negatively, harming trust in the future. 


3. Talk to your audience

Our final recommendation to all the current and future tech bloggers out there is that you need to talk to your audience directly. This applies to all the blogs you write. For example, if your audience are software engineers in call centers, you need to make sure that you explicitly appeal to them when you’re writing and address their specific pain points.

This is the quickest way to build rapport and trust, and write a successful blog post. You want them to feel that you understand them and that your content is curated to them specifically. Don’t drop the ball on this one – or you will regret it!


Okay, so we’ve covered our three shortcuts to an effective, traffic-driving technology blog. Implement them today and you’ll become a professional tech blogger in no time at all. Go out there and thrive! Need a bit of extra help? Prozely is a professional blog writing service that can help you meet all of your tech blog writing demands.