Why You Should Be Using Technology To Stay Connected

Over the last few weeks, many of us have had to drastically change our daily routinesIn order to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we have been put on lockdown, meaning that we can only leave the house to buy basic necessities, exercise, or care for a vulnerable person. For a lot of us, we’ve had to adjust to a different way of working, as we switch from the camaraderie of office life to the solitude of homeworking. And of course, it also means that we have not been able to see some members of our family or friends – which can be tough on many people – but what measures can we all take in order to check in on each other? 


Caring for one another

Through difficult times like these, it’s vital that we take the time to ask how our loved ones are doing, and the best way to currently do this is to use the technology that is readily available to us. With such advances in recent years, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with one another. Today, you can connect with someone anywhere in the world with a smart phone, laptop or tablet. Naturally, these don’t come cheap, so if you don’t yet have the tools to ensure that you can stay connected, ensure that you consider all your financial options before making any purchases. 

Many of us keep our phones close by, so if that’s also the case for you, use instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp to reach out to someone in no time at all. A quick message will help others know that you’re thinking of them without you having to spend hours on the phone.  

Another great way to stay connected is through social media. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn, these channels allow us to share statuses, pictures and videos with each other.  

Want to actually see your relatives or friends while you are chatting? Then you’ve got a variety of options. From WhatsApp and Facetime to Skype and Houseparty, have a play with the various apps available and see which one works best for you. Being able to see each other can make the conversation feel more intimate, which is particularly beneficial for someone who may be feeling very lonely. 


Working from home

If you are able to work from home during this pandemic, the above apps can also be utilised to stay connected to your colleaguesHowever, you may also benefit from some additional collaboration software such as Slack, Office 365 and Zoom. 

Slack can be used as a ‘virtual office’, where employees can get instant feedback from one-on-one and group conversations. Important updates can also be shared via this tool, which management can make great use of. 

One of the most used and important office suites out there is Microsoft Office, and Office 365 allows teams to collaborate directly on the same set of documents. This is perfect for when whole teams are working remotely. The Teams application allows you all to chat together, either through the messaging service or video call, so it’s perfect for meetings, catch-ups and appraisals. 

Zoom works consistently well for conducting virtual meetings with large groups and is relied on very heavily by some companies.  

To help ease the pain of separation from those we love, and to ensure we can continue to do our jobs where possible, take advantage of these tools to stay connected.