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Set Up A Brilliant Workspace In Your Home

work at home office

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At some point, we are all going to work from home.

It could be because we have some things we need to catch up on over the weekend, or our business is in the middle of relocating. But if this is something you are thinking about you need to be prepared.

Although working from the comfort of your home may sound fantastic there are a few things you need to take into consideration.


Where Are You Going To Work?

Although you may be thinking about working in your living room or somewhere even more comfortable, that is a bad idea.

While you may think you have the willpower not to switch on the television to start surfing channels while you work, we suspect you would cave in less than hour.

For that reason, wherever you work make sure there is no television in sight.

What you want is a quiet place in your home, free from life’s distractions.


What Tech Do You Need?

Obviously, you will need a computer, printer and a shredder. These are musts.

But do you need anything else? The answer is a resounding no. Not physically at least.

Do not bother filling the room with things you will never use or no longer need.

Instead, keep your workspace as clear from clutter as possible and you will find you operate far more efficiently. We also do not recommend that you go out and buy the latest tech for a couple hours working on the weekend.

If you have a laptop that you use at work, just take it home.

This will be more than adequate.


How Are You Going To Share And Access Files?

We are sure you were probably wondering how you are going to send and store information with just a computer and printer. You will find the answer is online, literally.

The fact is that you no longer need external hard drives and USB sticks to work from home because you can store everything on a cloud system. This means that whoever needs the file has access as soon as it is ready and you do not have to worry about misplacing it.

We did not advise you to buy a fax machine because you can use a service like Mbox.

You can send Mbox fax to email directly, without the need of messing around with paper jams or ink refills. It is the modern, cheap, green way of sending big pieces of information.


What About Phone Calls?

Your biggest problem working at home is that you will more than likely get distracted by other things.

This will not be your fault. It will most likely be because other people in your home have not grasped the concept that you are actually at work, despite the fact that you are just down the hall.

This may lead you to miss important calls and that is why we recommend you set up an automated call handling service. Then you will not miss any crucial calls from your customers or colleagues.


We have just laid out the perfect way to set up an office in your home, so what are you waiting for?

Get to work.