Moving Office? Follow These Easy Tips For A Pain-Free Relocation

Moving Office? Follow These Easy Tips For A Pain-Free Relocation

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When you move business premises, it’s an exciting time. It’s a sign that you are on the up and heading somewhere more fitting for your growing reputation. However, let’s not mess around: it can be an incredibly painful and complicated event. For a start, you can lose a few days of productivity, and there’s every chance that something will go wrong that puts a giant spanner in the works. There are ways to reduce the impact of a big business move, however. Let’s take a look at them now.


Create the perfect plan


OK, so in business, the perfect plan for your office move isn’t the one that takes longest to create. It’s a complete waste of your time to spend a week on something that doesn’t grow your company or make you any money. However, spend a little time on it and you will save some cash and be a lot more organised when the day comes. There’s nothing much to it – just think about creating a schedule of events and set up a team with their own responsibilities. Also, include where everything will be going in your new place – the last thing you will want is to spend another week setting everything up again. One other important thing to remember is that you will need to let you customers and suppliers know when and where you will be moving.


Make your bookings


If you are going to hire a removal company, makes sure you have them booked with plenty of time left on the clock. Ideally, you should have your name in their diaries at least four weeks in advance. Removal men tend to be hired a long time in advance – particularly when they have a good reputation – so bear that in mind. Also, think about hiring any equipment you might need. Trolleys for lifting heavy objects and skips for disposal of old rubbish that you don’t need are common requirements. On the subject of disposal, skip company True Bin Hire recommend that you make sure you are aware of your local council’s charging policy for waste disposal. It’s a cost that many businesses don’t factor in, and if you are getting rid of a lot, you could be in for a hefty bill.


Build a team


A good way to go about setting up your moving team is to assign team leaders for each part of the move. Get your HR team to help you if you have one. If everyone knows their responsibilities in advance, then the whole process should run a lot smoother. In terms of packing away and moving things, save everything that your business uses on a day-to-day basis until the final day. Non-critical items like old company transactions and filing cabinets can all be cleared away first by someone responsible. Try to mix up the team as often as possible, too. While some will enjoy the break away from their usual job, others may not. However, it’s important to be fair in separating out the tasks.


With any luck, that should have you out of your office and into your new place without too many complications. Let us know if you have any more tips and we’ll get right back to you.


Author: Erik Emanuelli

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  1. I like the idea of having a skip around so that the rubbish is easy to take care of. Moving tends to produce a lot of waste, especially if you’re moving an office. That way, you can still keep things clean and organized during the move while having an effective method of disposing of waste.

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  2. I’m glad that you pointed out the importance of making reservations before moving. Like you said, removal companies are often booked far in advance, and some cities have special requirements for waste disposal. Being sure to hire removalists early and to look up your city’s rules for waste disposal before hiring a skip bin can help make the moving process go more smoothly. Thanks for the article.

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  3. Moving your office from one place to another is some time a choice and sometimes it’s a necessity. But the most important thing is to plan about it. Choosing a good business relocation services provider company is the basic step for it. So, choose wisely.

    Great information you have shared with us.I would like to read your more updates.Keep them coming.

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  4. Hello Erik…

    Very well said, Unfortunately, I hate moving to other place, cause its difficult and stressful. Hopefully there’s no any reason to convince me to move!! GRRRR 😀

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  5. Nice moving point Eric! Moving can be a complicated activity on life for me, but your right, if the person who plan to move he/she must follow this tips to have a move smooth and pain free. Like it!

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  6. I would assume that if you need to move a business, time would be crucial so you wouldn’t lose extra productivity. I like your tip about making sure to book a professional moving company with plenty of notice. This could help make sure everything stays on schedule and keep your employees and customers happy.

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  7. Moving is very stressful work and not an easy work. I am glad to find it. There are so many developers working on this part but this is one of the best innovative post ever. Thanks for such post.

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  8. This moving article is absolutely precise and it has an excellent insight of planning ahead of time for relocating and pack all the most essential item to bring especially extra money, medical kit, and ETC…

    Nevertheless, I have friend had thought for a move, I think these numerous moving tips are definitely fit for their plan. Thank you!

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