4 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Welcome

With any business, service is key. In many cases, it’s the service that dictates whether a customer will be back to buy your product. And this decision-making process can happen in a fraction of a second. It costs more to gain a new customer than to retain one, so why not perfect the process so your clientele doesn’t feel the need to go anywhere else from the start? In this article, we’ll highlight four ways to make sure your customers buy with you and feel welcome enough to stick with you.


Establish a Relationship

Image Via Flickr By Amtec_photos

It is important to have a good rapport with your clientele. If you are shy or introverted, this can be difficult, but it will pay off in leaps and bounds in the long run. Start by showing compassion for your customers and offering a genuine interest in what they have to say and are trying to accomplish. Show them respect, and never speak down to them — this damage is difficult to repair. Be a friend before you are a problem-solver, and the customer will have no qualms about trusting your suggestions.


Knowledge Is Power

Knowing your product inside and out is essential for excellent customer service. Not only is it going to look bad if you have to find an answer from someone else, but chances are the client won’t be waiting around for you to come back. He or she might have moved on to the next store to find a more experienced salesperson. Customers don’t feel they can trust someone who doesn’t have an immediate answer, so knowledge of your product or service and anticipating additional information you might need to provide is a must.


Be Inviting

By creating a comfortable environment at your place of business, you are showing that all are welcome. Designate spaces or a lounge that’s inviting and in which people can converse; this can help encourage potential buyers to stay awhile. Having a store that is easy to navigate also encourages people to explore a bit. Having a functional HVAC system installed and serviced on a regular basis can make sure the temperature inside stays comfortable.


Cleanliness Is Key

Did you know that clients equate a messy bathroom with your business? Having a clean and updated bathroom accessible to potential shoppers is vital to keeping them coming back. Upgrading your faucets to touch-free models that reduce germ exposure or going so far as to do a small renovation can make a huge difference in the long run. Customers like to know they have access to a clean, nice-smelling public restroom.

Competition is fierce, and your buyers have likely shopped around before they hit your establishment. The difference in whether they stay and become return customers depends on the service. They will remember good knowledge and service, along with the condition and comfort level of your establishment. By making customers feel welcome, you’ll have gained a new client and, if word travels, many more.