Most Effective Hacks To Improve Your Website Online Visibility

Whether you host a generic blog or operate a full-fledged online store, there’s one thing that you simply cannot ignore- connections (backlinks). No matter how many updates Google and other prominent search engines may introduce, links will always be amongst the primary signals for ranking in search results. 

Likewise, it’s equally important how you make these connections and with whom. Of course, you need connections that can help your work grow in revenue and operations, as well as last a lifetime, or at least for a few years. 

This detailed piece will take you through some of the most effective hacks to improve your website’s link profile and improve your online visibility. 

But, before moving any further, it is necessary to understand what these backlinks are and how they can help improve your website’s SERP ranking. 


What are backlinks?

In the digital world, everything is connected. Just the way roads and rail tracks connect one place to another, links connect one piece of content to another on the internet. 

Crawlers, or bots (as they are commonly known as) follow up these links to learn about new content and establish a relationship between any two pieces. Now, of course, the more a piece of content is connected with other pieces online, the easier it’ll be reached by the users. However, it’s not only the quantity that matters but also the quality of these connections (links). Just the way a better-built road is more traveled, a healthy link aids easier reach to any content. 


So, how do you score a healthy link for your website?

When it comes to building a healthy link profile for your website, there are a few key factors that you must take care of, 

  • Maintain niche relevancy 
  • Create a mix of various authorities 
  • Process content that reflects the expertise 
  • Steer clear of the spammy link building schemes 

Besides, there are a few practices that you can use to ascertain that the links you secure for your website offer ample link juice to improve its ranking in the SERPs. 


Strategies that you’ve been waiting for…

Even the seasoned marketing mavens need to upgrade their policies and plans from time and again. Evidently, for someone who’s almost new to digital marketing and SEO, it becomes all the more important to learn about the basic strategies that propagate effective results along. 

Let’s just list them down for you. 


Be an active contributor to the blogging community

Chiefly, blogging and networking are amongst the most common and effective link building practices. And since Google laid the guidelines for creating content that helps the users solve a problem, or alleviate stress, blogging seems to be the easiest approach. All you need to do is participate in blogging groups, and contribute to the network, with your content. Doing so can secure you contextual links for your website, bring in the referral traffic, along with supplying high-quality link juice. Perhaps, the link secured is Google-friendly and helps improve online visibility. 


Local listings are great with confined search growth

In case, you are operating your business in a specific location it would be wiser to focus your efforts in your locality, primarily. Simply put, you need your online business to be visible to the users around your business location since they are the ones who can bring in more profitable results for your trade. And for this purpose, you can list your business on various local directories. Additionally, this would fetch your website free links, directing your target audience to your business and thus improving your online visibility. 


Mending broken links before securing new ones

In the process to secure new links, often website admins and marketers, ignore the health of their existing backlinks. Notably, a broken or a bad link can dip the ranking of your website far below than several healthy links can uplift it. You can use the backlink analysis tools mentioned here, to know about broken links, just so you can mend them. After all, it is always better to repair the existing links and keep them in good health than pursuing new link chances. To add to this, you may continuously need to track your existing links and mend any anomalies. 


Free links from discussions and debate forums

Although Google denies that it puts any value to the forum or discussion links, still such links can bring about huge results to your website. These results, may not be effective directly in improving your authority online, but certainly can bring in a huge flux of online users. And this could indirectly, improve the authority of your website. Consider this, a piece of content that receives high traffic is presumed to be a helpful piece by the search engines. And they use this signal to reward websites with improvement in their SERP rankings. Does it sound like a good proposal? 


Collaborating with the influencers within your niche

Amongst all, guest posting and influencer marketing are known to be the most popular ones. Simply, because these influencers already hold high positions online, they can help your brand improve a lot. For instance, consider collaborating with an Instagram celeb, so they can tag you in their content, promote your brand before their audience, and redirect them to your business. And believe it, their words are way more effective than yours. 


Acquire social shares for stellar traffic and authority

Social media platforms are the second largest marketplace for online marketers. In recent years, these platforms have proved their worth in driving sales and promoting brands far more effectively than any other form. So, why not use these platforms to improve your website’s link profile? It’s easy, effective, and economical. Moreover, social signals are given higher value over any other links by the search engines. Thus, improving your link profile for good. 


To sum it up, it’s not just the link that matters, but also the site from where it is secured. A backlink from PBN or a link farm can lead to penalizing your website and pushing it behind in the search results. On the other hand, if you secure backlinks that are highly relevant and also depicts authority online, your website is sure to witness growth in ranks.