Roles That Small Businesses Can Outsource Successfully

team of people working

For the people who have been in business for decades, they would be able to remember a time when companies did every little task.

If you go back far enough, there was no such thing as outsourcing. Fast forward to 2015 and outsourcing is an important tool for every firm, especially small businesses.

However, that doesn’t mean you should outsource every task because there are some you have to carry out as an individual business.

So, what roles can you outsource?


Telephone Needs

The first image that comes into most peoples’ heads is a call centre cold calling clients.

There might be a bit of cold calling if that is what you require, but call centres also carry out other tasks. For example, they handle your inbound calls that take up the majority of your telephone needs.

Customers always ring for information, to make a purchase or to return a product and it can be time-consuming.

By hiring an external specialist, you can save time and a lot of money. Nowadays, most companies use cloud-based call centers. Plus, it makes your business more streamlined and efficient.


Virtual Assistant

The conventional PR or secretary is becoming a thing of the past. For whatever reason, the job is starting to die down.

Ever the creative type, out of work PAs and secretaries are taking matters into their hands and working from the luxury of their living room.

You know, Miss Moneypenny doesn’t have to work in the office. Virtual assistants do everything a normal assistant would do, but they do not work in the next office.

But, it is their experience that you are buying, not their presence.



Google is always changing the game, and that has brought content creators into play.

As a result, a specialized social marketing agency is now on every company’s payroll. Search engines are making content all about quality instead of quantity.

Some businesses, therefore, find that a difficult thing to achieve. Not all of us can say we have the ability to write, so it makes sense to outsource it to the people who can.



If you don’t have an SEO strategy, you don’t have an online presence. No online presence means no chance of success.

SEO is that important in modern business. Just like creating quality content, there are professionals who are better than most.

They understand how SEO works and how to get the best results. For that reason alone, SEO is worth outsourcing.


Email Marketing

Sending out a flyer once a month is not enough.

How do you know that your audience is even taking notice? You don’t, which is why you need an email, marketer.

In basic terms, they will help you create content that customers want to read.

As a result, that will create a return that you never previously had in your company.

If you cannot do this on your own, you need an expert.


When you consider outsourcing, ask yourself whether you can achieve your targets.

If you can’t, you need to consider an external company.