Simple Marketing Solutions That Still Work



The industry of business marketing has certainly changed a lot over the past few years. We’ve seen a push for more businesses to spend a lot of their funding on online based promotion. The reason for this is clear.

Social media allows businesses to reach a much wider audience on limited funds. SEO allows businesses to increase their presence online while also giving customers another way to buy.

However, with these marketing concepts taking the spotlight, the classics are being forgotten. But these forgotten marketing techniques are going to get small businesses the attention.

Unfortunately new companies are so busy trying to get global interest they’re forgetting those who live a street away. So, what types of marketing are we talking about?

Banners And Sandwich Boards  

If you have a local business and you’re trying to attract customers in your area, the easiest way is to put up some signs, banners and boards. These signs and banners are particularly useful when your business has a sale on or when you’re trying to promote a larger campaign.

For instance, you’ll often see banners up outside superstores when a sale is on. Or, during a particular season. For instance, if your shop sells school products you might want to start advertising at the end of summer.

This type of marketing could be very effective at getting customers through the door. It’s understandable that businesses want to save money but they should be wary cutting too much out of their marketing funds.



Billboards are still effective at getting the attention of the paying customer. If you use an SEO campaign, you have a chance at getting your business noticed by customers online. But it’s important to understand that it is not a guarantee. You can pay a fortune for SEO and still have your site appear on page 2 rather than page 1.

However, if you pay for billboard space you can guarantee your business will be seen by at least some people. Just think about how many people would see your business if you bought a billboard by a major highway in your area.



Are flyers too expensive for small businesses to continue using to market their products. Actually, if you look at the numbers you will probably find making and handing out flyers is cheaper than the typical cost of SEO. As well as this, you have a real shot at getting your customers to notice you.

You can even make sure your customers are interacting with some of your employees out on the street. Make no mistake, this is a way to build the brand of your company.



This is one of the ways you can market online, using an old fashioned method. Businesses used to sent out surveys to customers all the time.

These days if you receive a survey in the mail you’ll probably throw it out rather than do anything with it.

However, if you receive it by email and it’s from a business you use a lot you might take the time to answer a few questions.


By doing this you can gain more attention from your customers and get ideas to improve your company.

Take this advice and these marketing concepts will act like a magnet, pulling customers to your business.

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