7 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Own Business



Do you have a more than a little entrepreneurial spirit in you? We guessed as much.

Setting up your own business is the dream of many business minded professionals out there. What’s more, we can’t say we blame them. With your own business, you’re calling the shots.

If you make it a success, you reap the benefits. But before taking the leap, it makes sense to ask a few questions.


What’s the goal?

Ascertain what your long-term goal is in business.

Are you aiming to be a high-flying professional or would you like to stay small and in the community?

Do you want to sell your business or keep it as an investment?

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to be in business in 5 years, it’s easier to plan what the next steps are.


Which industry?

It’s essential to decide which industry is suited to you. Think about your previous experience and see if you can use that.

Have you got a catering background? Consider opening your own restaurant.

Can you code? Maybe create a website offering an online service.

There’s never been such a broad range of businesses to get involved in. That means a lot of opportunities, but can be overwhelming.

Narrow down upon one thing and make it good.


Do I have the assets?

Once you’ve found out what kind of business your planning, you can find out whether it’s feasible. If you need to buy a location to operate your business, you’ll require a significant down payment.

But if you’re going digital, things are significantly cheaper.

Who are my investors?

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Think about which key figures in your chosen industry could support you. Investors not only provide the cash, but the know-how and valuable expertise.

Identify business professionals that inspire you and arrange a meeting with them. They’ve been on the journey that you’re about to take, so their advice is golden.


What do I have to think about legally?

Many would-be business owners are put off by the administrative side of setting up a business. For example, it’s important to think about your credit report and insurance rates.

This will directly relate to the outgoings and incomings of your business. If you have a decent credit rating and significant assets, you’re in a good position to begin your career in business.


Who will I work with?

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Businesses are all about people. Ensuring you hire the right start from the off will give you a running start in business.

Do you know anyone looking for a career change you could work with? If not, have a look for reputable recruitment agencies in your area and get an idea of costs.


What marketing should I put in place?

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One of the exciting things about business these days is the multitude of new ways to market your service.

Even better, many of them are totally free! Get involved with social media and set up a blog.

The more you engage with people interested in your service, the faster your company will grow.